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Just a few moments ago, crawling up my wall.

And my initial instinct was not to grab a book and smoosh him. And to be honest, it hasn’t been that for a while. Continue reading

deadantsdeadaaaaaaaants….dead dead dead dead dead ants

[to the tune of the pink panther song]

don’t get me wrong, i’m not scared of ants. or maybe more accurately, i’m not scared of ant. how can you be scared of ant? small little random creature you can squish with a thumb. but we all saw what happens when woody allen gets them all organised into a multi-ant killing machine…

so antS…? little more nervous… if the ones in our kitchen wandering seemingly aimlessly over our different counters and fridge and the outside (i hope) of our peanut butter jar, ever get themselves organised into a single body, yes a body of ants (there’s a title for you, wes craven!), then we, and more likely’ly i, could be in trouble

likely’ly? i like that… it’s not just likely, it’s more likely’ly… moving on…

since meeting a lot of veggies and also doing our own small little part like no-meat thursday and so on, i think i do have a bit of a greater appreciation for animals and all things God-made (mosquitos? ah) and so i don’t go out of my way to kill bugs any more even and if i can save them (some exceptions) – especially spiders i think which before i used to happily squish but even yesterday i freed a giant one (well three cm) and banished him outside shooing him with my slop as opposed to simply shoeing him. but now these ants are crossing the line. or the line of ants is crossing the line. or making a new one or something

and so, “Ants! prepare to meet my Doom”

let’s see how you like them ant-pills…

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