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Inject a little fun

i love being serious.

i love engaging with difficult topics and even difficult people sometimes in the hope that we can find some mutual understanding and maybe even each learn something from each other.

but sometimes, i also think we need to CALM THE FLIP DOWN PEOPLE and just be able to take a moment to sigh or smile or eye-roll or laugh or even write LOL even though we didn’t actually LOL but just kind semi-chuckled half out loud.

and so in the interests of that:

first word



And nothing like some Gary Larsen ‘The Far Side’ to bring some truth in jest:


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Pearls before France

Ah, Stephan Pastis, king of the lame pun, actually nails it here in possibly one of his best pun-ishments ever [really. read the first sentence out loud!]


[For another great Pearls Before Swine cartoon on Accountability for Children, click here]


pearls before winners

yes, yes, you know it – favourite cartoon strip blah blah blah Pearls before Swine… this one being incredible both for the humour but more importantly for the invention of the word “winnery”


[join my PBS campaign – for years now i have been subtly trying to encourage Stephan Pastis, creator of Pearls Before Swine to add a new character – that of a yellow and white stuffed dolphin called No_bob [because he doesn’t bob] who is not real [he’s just a toy so pretty much just lies there] to no avail… why not drop him a mail or a tweet @stephanpastis and suggest the very same thing yourself… he’s got to crack soon…]

so by now you may have watched one of my Dangerous Things You Can Least Expect videos or perhaps you have even watched all of them from the first one which was warning us about the dangers of paper to the one i recorded today on the many potential calamaties associated with wool – or if you have not caught any of them the whole collection can be found here… i appreciate all the facebook shares and twittery tweets as that is how more people get exposure so if they made you smile, laugh or chuckle in any decent way, please spread the love…

why soooooo serioussssss-a?

just some amusing pics a friend of mine – aka the katester – linked to on the ‘book

sack race accident [may contain traces of plant]

getting fired via facebook

spot the real joker

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