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If you go and watch just one show during the Cape Town Fringe festival happening over the next ten days in Cape Town, then go and watch another one as well and let is be ‘The Brother Streep: Stand-up Musician’ at the Dragon Room, which is happening every evening for the next four nights.

Witty, catchy, laugh out loud funny in places and just completely silly and clever, this five person version of the two man band that has been bringing mirth and merriment to audiences around small venues in South Africa for years [in between writing theme tunes for Pop Idols, appearing on the Graham Norton show via satellite to sing their homage to Anna Paquin and being the Steri Stumpi jingle song guys].

You don’t want to get caught sitting in the front row because they might get up close and personal with you [although not in a die-from-embarrassment Corne and Twakkie way] but you also don’t want to get caught sitting in the back row cos lead singer Simon Streep might actually [like he did last night] pick you up on your chair [i doubt he would have managed it with me] and carry you to the front as he did for some poor [but lighter than me] woman last night. Although wherever you sit, you will still be expected to sing along with them when they whip out their generic school theme song that perfectly describes your time in that institution where Geography told us clouds were water based natural phenomena, while Computer Literacy informed us clouds were places for storing data [so confusing].

What you will get is an evening of fun and silly and very clever [or was that painful? or both] word play that will no doubt have you smiling and laughing and tapping your feet.

With moments of perplexion [it’s a word!] as they sing a song titled ‘The day after Christmas’ which is all [obviously] about people watching sport to see fights break out, or fight amongst themselves about whether they will sing a song about Restaurants or Politics [with the five person band somehow managing to be cut right down the middle on that one] and even a balladic love song by Dylan Streep on his love for Disney princesses – don’t be fooled by thinking you have what they’re about until that very last line and yet another AHA moment.

And even when they mess up. No, wait, was that a mess up? No, it’s part of the show. Or was it? They  do it so creatively, or was it that they planned all that beforehand? That it is so hard to tell. The Improv and scripted moments go so hand in hand that it all feels like a spaghetti bowl of assortedflavourments.


There may be better shows at the Fringe [they will suggest that to you themselves] but i doubt there will be any quite as fun. And go prepared with your hundred bucks to get one of their newly produced cds [they may mention it for a moment from the stage] so that you can be taking these catchy songs home with you and sharing them with your family and friends.

Don’t miss out. You really should go and watch the Streeps, ahead of the rest.


So back in the day i recorded a song with my friend Simon van Wyk [now a world famous Brother Streep] titled ‘Squishy Fruit Conspiracy’ which was about my personal hatred towards raisins and other related squishy fruits…

You can listen to that song here as well as the follow-up i did called ‘Sultanas’ which was a parody of Snow’s ‘Informer’ from a whole bunch of other years ago…

And the even famouser No_bob [the world’s most famous stuffed dolphin who i was going to call ‘Bob’ but he doesn’t!] song performed by my friends in the band Serving Suggestion [also very much back in the day] is also there as a bonus…

Feels like it’s almost time to come up with a new one… the world must know…

the brothers streep

so my friend simon is in a band (well about twenty seven bands last time i counted, altho i was just counting, not counting bands he is in per say, but it was fun) and if you have never heard or seen anything Brothers Streep then you should mosey on down to  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOHTavjfYxY and check out the promo ad for the storytellers they are going to be holding soon… you should be there… it might even be this Friday…

simon lends me a lot of his comedic dvds and records raisin songs for me almost every time i have one and he lets me play Settlers of Catan with his sister and once made me lunch and it wasn’t half bad (i don’t want to talk about the other half, some things stay between friends) but check out that promo video and then look down the side and watch their debut on the Graham Norton show and some of their other videos

i guess you could say they are to comedy what something else would be like compared to a thing it is pretty much like in the aspects of your comparing it.

true story.

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