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Choose this Week…


Well here we are, at the start of another week.

In one sense, it’s just another day in another week in another month in another year and if we think like that, chances are we are going to meander on in the same old way we have been and nothing too significant is likely to happen.

But if we stop for a second and approach this week as a whole new thing and today as a brand new day, then it creates opportunities. And highlights potential.

For me [as a somewhat disorganised, easily distracted, Improv-embracing kind of guy] i find that spending a few minutes planning the week before it happens really helps to focus me on things i want to see done, deadlines i must remember to meet and opportunities for greatness or significance to plot. If i don’t plan even just for a little bit i find that Friday happens upon me too quickly and i have missed out on a week that could have been so much more.


So what is one thing [you have been putting off?] that you want to achieve by the end of this week? Write it down. i have a whiteboard in my Man Cave office which makes it easier for me to have things-to-do staring in my face all week. Before it used to be a piece of paper on the floor or a hand-written note at the side of my bed.

Who is one person who you can encourage? Take a minute to think of someone in [or at the edges of] your life who might be in need of a bit of a boost. Not the person that everyone would choose, but someone who really needs it. The power of a phone call, or a coffee date, or a hand-written note or even a text message is SO HUGE. Decide now at least one person that you are going to give a lift to this week and then go through with it.

Enlarge your circles

One thing i want to encourage you to do is to seek diversity. Have a conversation with someone outside of the regular people you hang with. Ask them to share a part of their story. Choose to read a book written by a person from a different background, country or language than those you normally read. Rent a movie with subtitles. Choose at least one moment this week to stretch yourself and invite something new into your life. You might not like it and that’s okay – choose something different next week. Try cooking a dish you’ve never cooked before.

This week is yours to embrace. Or you can simply zombie-walk through it like every other week. The choices you make in this moment are going to help define what could be a super incredible life-transforming above-average week. The kind i love to live.

And if you decide to give any of these things a chance, please come and tell me about them in the comments. I’d love to hear how your week was shifted. Have a super amazing one.

Oh and lastly, don’t be sad…


sometimes we might find ourselves at a place where we feel like God is not using us and that can be frustrating… one thing about Jesus is that He always seemed to be on the look out for opportunity and He spent a lot of time with His Father in prayer seeking strength and wisdom and insight for the opportunities that He knew would present – so are you asking God and then are you looking out for them and taking action when you see them in front of you?

join me as i continue reading through Mark, 1 vs 29-31

to continue to look at Jesus taking time to pray…

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