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so after struggling with writer’s or more correctly videographer’s block for the last little while in terms of creating silly videos that are good for my sanity in terms of the mindlessnessity of them, i finally decided to pull a headlock on the block itself and use that as my inspiration… this is what emerged… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Lh4gIoAFd0&feature=share

the blind cried

wow. i am not a big cry’er. not because “i’m a guy so i don’t cry” – just cos i don’t cry really

i love crying, i think it’s really manly and necessary and releasing and all that so it sucks that i don’t more often – i ask God from time to time to let me cry more but so far no good – last time i can remember crying was the second time i watched ‘the passion of the Christ’ by Mel Gibson – first time i watched it with people and i wanted to cry but i just didn’t – then the second time was a week or two later when i was road tripping thru knysna to advertise the newsong festival i was running at the time and i decided to go watch by myself and the gates just opened. and it was great

and now at 7.42 in the morning just before i go away for an incredible one year marryversary with my beautiful wife Val, i have just finished watching ‘the blind side’ with sandra bullock and ‘big mike’ and man, that was great – i didn’t cry cry but i was pretty much on the complete edge of being there pretty much the whole movie – if you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favour

the best part is it’s true or based on a true story and the best part was seeing the real Michael Tuohy and family pics at the end of the movie and then reading a bit more up on them on the interweb

for me watching that movie was a picture of the church – when we get it right

“i’m making a difference to this one” – [throws starfish in sea]

what if all the people who were meant to be on the beach were on the beach

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