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okay, so that title doesn’t apply AT ALL here, in fact it the opposite of applies, but it was likely to draw a lot more readers than ‘i like my friends’ and look, there you are so hi!

arrived back home after a good 32 hours or so of travelling [if you exclude the New Jersey/New York trip we took with airforce Jon to get to the airport] from JFK to Dubai for eight hour layover then to Cape Town and having watched 8 movies [fist pump!] to be met by Val’s family [mine are away] and then as we were heading out of the airport bumped into my best friend from college days Mandy Hunt and her two girls and gifts of flowers for Val and a balloon and a gift bag which i later discovered had some slabs of chocolate and two full packs of bacon [it’s like she knows…]

Duncan Houston Springbopk

then on to Dunc’s house. Duncan Houston in one of the very few people from school i am in any contact with at all and one of my best buddies – we have not stayed in crazy ongoing contact while i’ve been away but every now and then have connected on Skype or Messenger and caught up… but after settling in and Val heading upstairs not to actively not sleep we started chatting and spent a few hours catching up and discussing the mysteries of the Universe – including religion, politics, family, life and more…

it was seriously like no time had passed and i think the best friendships in life are categorised by that. the ability to be able to step into a friendship that has had a 19 month face (and to some extent, contact) gap and just pick up where we left off.

Duncan and Megan have been beyond generous throughout our married lives and inviting us to live with them for the whole time we are back home [altho Dunc did say if we hit June then we might have to talk…] has been just one more gift of amazingness [to be fair, nodding at the chocolate cupboard while uttering the words ‘help yourself’ was maybe not the brightest of moves] and we are very much looking forward to the rest and rejuvenation this time is going to bring for us…

so yes, i am completely grateful for the friends that i have – my other best friend Rob Lloyd is coming over with his wife Nicky for lunch and looking forward to connect with my other best buddy Reegs on the weekend if not before… and then there is MJ who has been prepping my hobbit suit for the cricket on Friday – does it get any better than that?

one of my best friends, Rob Lloyd, wrote today’s guest psalm for us – he is going for another round of cancer treatment today as he heads towards his 30th birthday celebrations so take a minute to say a prayer for him, for healing and protection from the nausea that has accompanied that, and then read his musings on psalm 33 and be challenged and encouraged:

One of the most incredible things about God is how He interacts with His creation. It’s not a popular word to use today, but God condescends to us – He leans down to speak to us in ways we can understand when in reality His ways are so much higher than our ways. We can get so used to His interacting at our level that we forget that He exists at another level entirely.

And then we look around at the world and it is so easy to see a world out of God’s control. (It’s definitely out of ours!) If God is God how can He let things be as they are? Surely the bible must be wrong for we do not see the wicked failing while the righteous prosper?

Is God really God?

And then we get Psalms like this one, declarations of God’s Godness. BOOM! God is God and there is no place to hide. His reality shatters our complacent existence bringing His sovereignty to challenge our pride and His hope to restore our faltering faith. Our sight is restored so see Him as He is and not as He appears to be.

So what should be our response? In John 6.28, Jesus is asked a similar question. Here’s my personalised paraphrase:
“Jesus, what does God want from me?”
“Just this: trust in Me.”
Of course our lives end up consisting of far more than this, but this is where we start. And if we don’t start here we are lost straight away. This is what defines the rest.

This Psalm has one more challenge for us and it’s a big one for how do we know when we are really trusting God?
“In Him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name.”
How do we know we are trusting? Our hearts are rejoicing.

And one more short yet profound look at what my best friend Rob Lloyd had to say when I asked him about what makes a strong marriage stronger?

“If you love them in the little ways, you’ll love them in the big ones too. Don’t ever stop working at it – who wants a marriage that is just “fine”?”

Rob Lloyd [married for six years]

to continue to part 8 click this clicking part.

so yesterday morning the beautiful val and i headed out to muizenberg for my super surprise birthday morning where we weere met by one of my best friends rob lloyd and his wife nicky and went for an hour’s worth of blokarting on the beach which in a nutshell is like a combo between windsurfing and go-karting and a whole lotta fun.

you get a three wheeler cart thing with a huge sail and armed with a rope (which pulls the sail tighter or lets it slacken off) and a steering wheel bar (for left and right movement) you aim the sail into the wind, catch a breeze and set off down the seaweed strewn beach dodging people and interested dogs and fishermen (who are people too, let’s not discriminate) and trying not to be blown over (was the only one who managed that one)

and yeah, you should try it cos it was a lot of fun. and those things move. apparently the top speed in one of them is something like 106km but on the beach we didn’t quite make it to that speed (probly barely passed 95) but still got quite a rush. my beautiful wife valerie was quite the dominationer at pulling a two wheeler without flipping and also apparently (i sadly missed them) gooi’d two epic 360’s at the end of the beach.

i did have to get pushed by a friendly passerby man and a fisherman (who was also friendly but less passery by) on two different occasions (and my buddy rob and even val at the end in the last journey back to tbe beginning which was the only not-as-cool part of the adventure as the wind died down and i kept getting completely bogged down in the sinkier sand) and probly my favourite part was going into the edge of the sea most of the way back and getting nailed in the face by the spray cos i was gunning it pretty epicly.

yes, so do it. and yay to my wife and her “yes, lets” policy for 2011 – life to the full indeed…

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