[i wrote this post a week ago because i wanted to get permission from Ray’s wife Rhian before posting it, but am glad to be able to share it now]

UGH, Cancer.

i woke up this morning to the news that an insanely gifted man i had befriended on the Twitterer had succumbed to the brain tumour that had taken him hostage, and died a few days ago. His wife Rhian, had just shared the news on the Twitterer. What can you say? There are no words, but i hope that my message of strength and love in the midst of a no-word time were the smallest bit of encouragement to her.


His name was Ray Ferrer and he painted with spray paint some incredible works of art such as these ones:

i mean this guy was ridiculously talented. Spray paint? This work is incredible. And do a little googling and see a bunch of his other stuff. Phenomenal!

And with a following of 30 thousand plus people, he still took the time to interact with the individual. Which is why i kinda felt a little bit like i knew him. We back and forthed a bunch, especially when he started tweeting with the hashtag 

And why this day has been a bit of a difficult day. Thinking of him and his lovely wife and their people, having to do life without him from now on.

That is a strong testimony to his wife, Rhian, who was that rock for him.

As i said, i have no helpful words. Each and every day i hate cancer more and more. i just wanted to take a moment to stop and give some recognition to a kind and gentle soul, with an exceptional gift and a lovely wife who stood by him right until the end.

Ray Ferrer. You will be missed. And celebrated. And remembered…

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