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i post a lot of things from a previously fictional collective group i like to refer to as ‘The People With Too Much Time On Their Hands’ – usually brilliantly creative, innovative, full of flair and just stuff that would take way way too long for normal folks like us to put together.

and then i saw this clip.

i think these actually ARE those people… this is insane and you just really have to hope they captured it on the first try…

[If you enjoyed that and have more time on your hands to enthusiastically embrace, you might enjoy these other two cycling trick videos]


so tonite me and the beautiful val went to watch inception at the eikestad mall (no spoilers here, don’t worry) and there was a queue for buying tickets from the counter and the ticket machine and then a huge queue in front of the cinema as it is a junction which means no specific reserved seats

so we were making our way down the side of the cinema in the middle of a bit of a crowd with most of the decent seats already taken and we were waiting for the people in front of us to choose their row and move down it when these people behind us (particularly this one girl) got all rude and vibey and wanting to get past or something – so val just turned round and politely said something about waiting for the people to find their seats and this girl went off at her, including the line “move or i’ll make you!” – as i tried to work my body between the beautiful val’s and this incredibly rude but-probly-able-to-take-both-of-us-in-a-street-fight-attituded girl val turns to her date and says “are you with her?” and he nervously responds “yes” and she chirped him “well make her stop”

so proud.

they ended up sitting on the edge of the row behind us while we sat three rows from the front right in the middle in a cinema where three rows from the front right in the middle was actually quite a great place to be – score us

what an incredible movie conceptually – definitely thort there were moments of acting and special effects that could have been tighter (so not a challenge to the matrix there) but concept and handling of it were of the same kind of league – somebody very caffeine or red bull’d up to think of all that

and then chicken strips at cubana with mushrooms and barbeque sauce

amazing evening all round

but now, back to life…

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