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jackThe clear winners of round I were:

[4] ‘I would imagine a horse drawn carriage would be a really ugly thing. For starters, it must be almost impossible to grip a pencil with hooves. Plus there is all that fine detail around the edges to consider.’ [Brett Andy]

[6] “I think the story of Hansel and Gretel teaches us that it’s okay to push old people into ovens. But only if they first tried to eat you.” [Brett Andy]


[5] “After watching the cricket for five days, I thought to myself, “I’ve got to get myself a more interesting bug!” [Brett Andy]

Which deep thoughts by Brett Andy will dominate in round II – I am looking for your top one to three and then which one do you think most deserves to be cut from the list? [Votes in the comments section below – thank you for your time]:

[1] ‘She barked twice, following it with a low gutteral growl, “Oh no!” I thought, “Timmy has fallen into the well.”‘ [Brett Andy]

[2] ‘Who would win if a T-Rex got into a fight with a man? Answer: The man. Did I mention it was an intellectual fight? [Brett Andy]

[3] ‘Sure, he had attracted all the rats of the city, but what now? thought the Pied Organist to himself.’ [Brett Andy]

[4] ‘I realised I’d been making a mountain out of a molehill. The mole family, in particular, was not amused.’ [Brett Andy]

[5] ‘If you ever want to show off a new shoelace-tying technique you’ve invented to your long-time girlfriend, I don’t think the best way to introduce it is by saying, “Hey, I’ve got something to show you,” and then going down on one knee.” [Brett Andy]

[6] ‘Pow. The Rice Crispy who left before the group went big.’ [Brett Andy]

[7] ‘I was walking down a dark alley the other day updating my Twitter account when I noticed that someone had just started following me.’ [Brett Andy]

[To continue on to round III and add your votes there, click here]

a while ago in a galaxy very very much similar to this one, i shared some random yet witty cartoons from a strip called Poorly Drawn lines which you can see here if you contain great big bags of patience. Otherwise, just keep reading and come back and appreciate those gems later.

i am going to do it again. because the randomness quotient is high with these ones… and a guy called Reza Farazmand is completely responsible as it’s his cartoon. thank you Reza for that:


[As mentioned, you can take a look at the first ones i posted simply by clicking here]

so people who know me know i appreciate random humour and this cartoon sums up this new site of cartoons i recently stumbled upon – a very lot of them i find funny or gently amusing, some i just don’t get or are quite lame and there is the occasional one that is not super kosher, but if you wade thru the archives there are some genuinely good laughs waiting [especially if you appreciate random humour]

like this one

actually this one is pretty good too

buttersafe.com… check it out… find one you like?

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