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Not too long ago i shared a list of 10 Things i struggle to get my mind around

This was quite a varied lists of topics and included such items as pineapple on pizza, litter [special mention to cigarette butts out car windows], people’s confusion with regards to four way stops, recent Adam Sandler movies [bonus cameo by Will Ferrell], the ‘joke’ insult, make-your-best-friend-look-and-act-like-a-tit bachelor party vibes, the difference between adopted children and real children, why it seems so important to everyone else that tbV and i want children [when we don’t], the amount of homelessness in South Africa compared to the amount of golf courses we have [1047 apparently], and the fees that soccer/football players get paid [with honourable mention to movie actors, singers, politicians, CEOs etc etc].

But turns out there are some more things i don’t quite understand [who would’ve thought?] and so here is my list of 10 More Things i Don’t Quite Understand… Which one do you resonate with the most? 

[10] Pickles

Burger with pickles on

Urgh, please stoppit! i know i gave cooked pineapple center stage last time but this one is probably actually worse for me. i could maybe queasy myself through a cooked pineapple if there was something to be polite about, but pickles are a much harder one. STOP PUTTING THEM ON MY BURGER. And possibly even # gasp # worse than raiSINs in this regard cos once a thing has had pickles in the taste is there for life – you remove the pickles and give me the burger and it still tastes disgustingly like pickle aka gerkhin. Please, for the love of food, STOPPIT!

[9] Hating raiSINS but only in things or out of things.

Now if you have known me for any length of time, there is a huge likelihood that you will know of my hatred of raiSINs. Yes, you may think you hate them, but not as much as me. Oh really? Did you write and record TWO anti-raiSIN songs? [Or notice that the word SIN is very obviously nestled there right in the middle of the word] Or have an evening raiSIN-burning ceremony in a back garden one time? Okay you get it, i lead that race.


i LOVE that Garfield hates them too. And actually a decent amount of other cartoon characters as well, do some research.

And it is not so much raiSINs that i don’t understand – i just hate them. Do you let an apple go black in the sun and then proclaim it the kind of food worth sticking into every dessert? Urgh, you probably would, hey? But where my confusion lies is in the two kinds of people you get who say they hate raiSINs, but… Those people i don’t understand.

“I hate raiSINs, but I can eat them by themselves.”

“I hate raiSINs, but I can eat them in things.”

i have met both types of people on many occasions and i just do. not. get. it. Pick a side. Stop straddling the fence. i’ve even met someone who said they hated raiSINs but could eat them with peanuts. WHAT? Mind blown. Just stoppit.

Oh, and i also started the ‘i hate raiSINs’ group on facebook and if you’re a true believer then you should really join. But none of you “I hate them, but…” people.

[8] Lateness without alert.

i must admit that i struggle to not be late sometimes. Someone pointed it out as a character trait of an extrovert in a sense of trying to cram as much stuff into the space of time available as possible, which really resonated with me. But it is not cool to be late and i am trying to be better at not being late

But Capetonians [in particular] seem to take it to another level. And my not understandingness here is more along the lines of possessing the knowledge that you are going to be late and doing nothing with it. So being late is still rude and i own that and need to do better. But if i am going to be late i will send a Watapp or drop a text or send out one of my carrier pigeons or something to let the person being lated upon know. Does that make it okay? No, unless you’ve been in a  car accident or just helped someone give birth on the pavement, it is still generally not okay. But it makes such a huge difference when you have the courtesy [cos it is just plain and complete rudeness to not] to at least let the person who will be waiting for you know, that they will be waiting.

Some people i know are serial laters and just seem to have absolutely no clue or care at all. i was at the party of a friend where we waited for more than 40 minutes for a booked meal and the people didn’t even pitch up at all [some came really late but some didn’t even show] and gave my friend absolutely no warning or message to say “Go ahead without us.” It feels like absolute rudeness to know you are going to be late for something and not to tell someone.

This is an area many of us can do better on. So lets. And work on the lateness as well.


[7] Technology Abuse

Last night tbV and i popped into a restaurant for a quick snack after a long day and she drew my attention to the table behind me. Four people and three of them were deeply engrossed in their phones. i don’t get that and both tbV and myself have worked hard at reducing the negative impact that technology has on our relationship, especially at home and in the bedroom. i understand how easy it is for people to get caught up in that stuff but it is important to get to a place where you control technology and it does not control you.

When we have held our Deep Dive Conversation Dinner we have introduced the idea of the Phone Basket [which we have used at other family events as well to good effect] where everyone mutes their phone and sticks it in a basket as they arrive and gets it back when they leave. Intentional focus on the conversation at hand and removing distraction.

i love the idea i heard about of people in a restaurant putting their phones in the middle of the table and the first person who reaches for their phone any time during the meal foots the bill. A few rounds of that and some people might learn. If you are choosing to be with me [like you meet me somewhere for coffee] then be with me. If you have something more important to do or someone else you’d rather chat to or a wrong number you will even give preference to then rather go somewhere else and be with someone else.

[6] Phone light in the movies aka Technology Abuse II

This could be a whole post in itself. i don’t get to see as many movies as i used to and so it typically is a bit of a special event when it happens. Advert time is okay because get your stuff done. Trailer time and things are starting to get dangerous cos anyone who knows me well knows i proclaim trailer time as the most important time or as important as the movie. But once the movie has started you had better have your phone closed, muted and tucked away in your pocket, because if that thing lights up and i have something throwable [i am not advocating violence – i’m talking soft and bouncy more than likely] it will be aimed at your head and i am not the best shot so think of those sitting two rows behind you!

This makes me really mad. i paid a lot of good money to be in that movie and i assume you did as well so if you would rather be on your phone then save yourself the money and if you don’t want me getting verbally aggressive on you then keep it off and away and for the love of the movie experience make sure you have turned all the bits that make sound off. And if you don’t know how to mute your phone then you don’t qualify for being able to watch movies.

i once had a guy sitting next to me in a movie answer a call from a friend loudly in the movie where he was sitting. It was between Baptist Summer Camps and we were in Kimberley and he was a huge farmer type and it was a Leon Schuster movie so no great loss. But in any other movie just no.

[5] People who talk or text on their phones while driving


This is a bit of a tricky one cos, being a guilty villain, more so in the past, i completely understand the why of it. But having witnessed accidents and near misses and people on phones driving ridiculously and realising myself the lack of concentration that goes into a phone moment no matter how good you think you are this one should be a no brainer.

Know that if you are caught on your phone anywhere in the vicinity of a peppermint green coloured Hyundai Getz there is a HUGE likelihood that either tbV or myself will let you know that we are not a big fan in a variety of ways that might involve LOUD HOOTING, Angry Fist, Shake of Head or a combination of those and more.

i have really tried to cut it out completely myself. THERE IS NO EXCUSE. It is dangerous and it costs lives. If, in some rare moment, where i deem the need to shoot off this quick text and you catch me, i more than expect and welcome and encourage you to LOUD HOOT, Angry Fist, Shake of Head or a combination of those in my direction. It is not okay. This one freaks me out. Whatever excuses you are giving yourself, STOPPIT STOPPIT STOPPIT. It can wait. It can always wait. And if it can’t then pull over as i often do, send off that quick text and then carefully get back on the road again.

It is just not worth it. Ever. Think of yourself as a potential murderer, cos there is every likelihood. If you do it with a child in your car, that makes you an unfit parent right there.

Wow. That escalated quickly.

[4] The amount of pee on the floor around public toilets.

Seriously people, or at least guy people, that’s a lot of pee. How about we pretend we’re at your house for a moment. Or your friend’s house. Or a public toilet. It works the same. Aim for the hole.

Toilet signs

[3] People who make their minds up before asking the question.

i enjoy meat, but have also felt uneasy about a lot of what goes into getting meat to my table. Recently i invited a number of my Vegetarian friends to share their stories of why they became Vegetarian and challenged some friends to join us in a week of meat-free-ness as tbV and i were much challenged by the stories we read. i don’t have a problem with people who ask the question [Let me take a look at how meat gets to my table] and then chooses to continue eating meat as much as i do with people who never ask the question. One reason we didn’t ask for so long [and there are still some questions we are probably too afraid to ask right now] was because we feared the answer would mean us having to give up meat, but if the answer was for us to give up meat then we really needed to ask the question and see. As opposed to burying our heads in the sand.

This is just one example – when it comes to conversations about ‘White Privilege’ so many white people have a strong negative reaction before they take the time to really hear what we are talking about [and often have a completely different understanding of the term and idea than the one we are talking about] and it is so confusing for me to see conversations end before they have even begun. Ask the question. And then stand by your answer.

Is there a God? Is Christianity the way to connect with Him? Is religion important or necessary at all? At least ask the question. I can deal with your atheism or agnosticism a lot easier if i know you have gone there. And for many people who are Christian because their parents were or cos you’ve always gone to church, you need to be asking the question too. Believe what you believe because you believe it, not just cos it’s always been there.

[2] How you can be South African and not know an African language [preferably the predominant one in the area where you live] at least in part.

This is a tough one. i think i’ve known it for like forever but couldn’t say anything cos i was chief guilty party. And still am. BUT am working on changing it as this week tbV and i signed up for Xhosa classes finally. i have also always known enough isiXhosa to get by in the initial “Hi. How are you? My name is… Where are you from?” moments of conversation, but as someone wanting to explore having a voice in the present area of Race and Reconciliation and Unity and Restitution, it is essential that i look to educate myself in this area, at least a little. It is terrifying [fear of failure – what if i don’t ‘get’ it?] and exhilarating all at once. It is worth both the time and money investment. Do it! Check out Xhosafundis.co.za if you are in Cape Town and want to learn. There are many other places too.

[1] An immediate response to posting this really helpful piece on the #BlackLivesMatter movement:


which was from a person i don’t even know first hand [cos you know, Facebook!] who simply responded with the words:

All Lives Matter.

And then proceeded to argue with me about why she was not completely missing the point by saying that.

In a nutshell, the idea is that all lives do matter. BUT no one is suggesting or has ever suggested really that white lives do not matter. Whereas History is full of ideas, systems and laws that express or work out the idea that black lives do not matter. So when there is a campaign and a movement that rallies itself under the banner of #BlackLivesMatter it is pretty much asking the question, “Can we say that black lives matter as well?” Jumping directly in with a response of All Lives Matter refuses to acknowledge the hurt, racism, onesidedness of the past or to suggest for a moment that maybe it’s good for us to spend some time on raising up black lives to the same level that white lives have been viewed/experienced etc.

When Cecil the lion was killed, no one was holding up signs saying ‘All Animals matter.’ All animals do matter but at that moment, it was not the point.

#BlackLivesMatter [as i see it] is about taking time to listen and really hear and try to understand [as best as it is possible for someone who doesn’t live it] and about being an ally to a group of people whose lives have not mattered as much as white lives in the media or entertainment sphere or politically or just in the day to day.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

i would LOVE to know which of these resonated with you the most [if the last 10 list i did is anything to go by it will be the Pickles] and which one you disagree with and what, after 20 things, you think is still missing in terms of something you don’t understand. Leave your thoughts in the comments section under this post. Thank you. 

Also a lot of the points had links to blog posts which describe aspects of the post more deeply so when you have some time go and explore some of those as well.

[To check out my first list of 10 Things i Don’t Understand, click here] 


Anyone can point out real evil, the genuine kind of evil that is actually evil [and knows it!]  and there is clearly enough of it in the world to go around…

But what takes real skill and precision is being able to discern the evil that not everybody notices – the more subtle evil that parades itself right in front of peoples’ faces and which most people will be able to stare directly at without flinching. or even giving it a second thought.

This particular type of evil is usually to be found in different types of so-called food, although on occasion is may take on other forms and it is high time that somebody drew some attention to it.

Don’t be alarmed if this list does not seem quite right to you – with this particular brand of evil, everyone will have their own list, but you may nod your head somberly at some of the items, knowing that they too would make your own personal list.

What am i talking about? well, in an absolutely overwhelmingly particular order [as this list is completely relative] from not quite so evil to absolutely bastardly evil [oh i know you know what that is going to be] i’m talking about The Evil List Feb 2015. i have decided to make it date specific as i imagine tastes and fears change and something that seemed really quite evil may be overtaken by something that was pretending to be just a little evil. But for now this is…


#10 Likes instead of Shares – let’s be honest internet people, if you really liked a thing you would share it, liking is along the lines of saying to a new mom, “Your baby has character” when we all know what you really mean. Sharing is, “I might even consider holding your baby if you’re absolutely convinced it’s not going to throw up on me.” Likes is, “I want you to invite me to your birthday party”, whereas a Share suggests that, “I am going to invite you to mine!”

#9 Survivor spoilers [or spoilers in general] – maybe take a moment to realise not everyone in the whole world is going to be watching Survivor at the exact same moment as you and so tweeting, “I can’t believe Trevoux won!!!!” two seconds after it happens might be unhelpful and ragifying for people, say, watching it on another coast or in another country. The flip side of this is people who do not let you mention what was so significant about the Bruce Willis role in Sixth Sense because they haven’t seen it yet. IT’S BEEN 16 YEARS PEOPLE. Spoilers have a statute of limitations. Within a week = too much. Seven years after the fact = you’re probably fine.

#8 Traditional Emoticons [this used to just be emoticons but since Facebook brought out angry clam, dancing Snoopy and Fishface man, i think we need to be a little more specific]

#7 Freaky Giant Emoticons [how do you ruin a perfectly evil traditional emoticon? simple – enlarge it 15 times and make it take up my whole message box and seem like it is laughing at me]

#6 Adam Sandler movies. i’m not taking about when he used to be good, like in ‘The Wedding Singer’ and ‘Happy Gilmour’ – i’m talking about the last five or ten where he has phoned in the script, casting and acting. Note to self: Stop watching Adam Sandler movies. This one is not the one that will make it all better. Oh and Will Ferrell movies too. He’s okay as an animated voice.

#5 “I took the [insert tv programme/movie character/weather pattern/type of Victorian door knob] test and I’m HufflePuff.” To be honest, number 5 feels a bit generous to this one. This needs to END RIGHT NOW. You are not going to be Hermione Granger. With your skills, let’s face it, ‘Guy in Red Shirt’ on original Star Trek episode is about the best you have to hope for.

#4 Cat videos. And baby videos. [I understand that you like cats and babies, but i really think there should be some etiquettal law about keeping them on your own page. Although one day i finally will make that video of a kitten riding on the back of a baby and the internet is going to implode] My friend Sam gets a bye on this one, but only as far as cat pictures with fun sayings on them.

#3 Cooked pineapple [actually probably any cooked/stewed fruit but pineapple gets the special nod because it ruins perfectly good bacon-encrusted pizzas. “Hey, this fruit tastes good, let’s make it evil by cooking it!”]

#2 Gerkhins and Olives – [i’m not sure they’re not the same thing but i would give them an equal quotient of evil points because they ruin otherwise perfect sandwiches and salads and empty jars with weird toilet water in them]

#1 raiSINs [number 1 is unlikely to ever change – it even has the word ‘SIN’ hidden in the word, that’s how obvious this particular one is – and no it doesn’t matter if you have them in things or if you have them by themselves or if you lyingly try to convince me “You won’t taste them!” They are the evilest of non traditional evil and they must be stopped!] it is a known fact that all squishy fruits are evil and so sultanas, currants, prunes all go into this category, but raiSIN is their king.

Special mention must go to people who push into lines [standing or driving], cigarette butts out of car windows [or litter in general], pepper [yes, the condiment, it literally only makes things taste like pepper], lighting up your cellphone screen during a movie [you had better not be in throwing distance, coins hurt!] and people who only use two words, or even worse, two letters, on your birthday to wish you a happy birthday,  [although people who use a sentence or more are right up there in my loves list!]

How do your feel about my evil list? Do you think giant freaky emoticons are not as bad as recent Will Ferrell movies? Would you bump cat videos above the culinary heatment of pineapple? And what items from your evil list didn’t feature on mine at all?


i don’t know Stephan Pastis personally [although i did meet him once and introduce him to No_bob, the world’s most famous dolphin and if we keep on harrassing him he will surely HAVE to include No_bob in a strip] but it is quite possible he is stalking me.

As is evidenced in these two strips i just saw on the best and worst of foods. It’s like he ‘gets’ me.


PearlsBeforeMayoTHE WORSTish:


Well, not quite the worst. You need to rely on Garfield for that:



garfield2Whereas clearly Mr Pastis has some work to do on this one:

Pearls before RaiSINs

[For more great Pearls before Swineness, click here]

[The time i met Stephan and introduced him to No_bob] 






When i was a young boy [yes, yes, many years ago in a galaxy] i remember a number of occasions of sitting in front of a plate of [now] cold cauliflower cheese that my mom had made for what seemed like hours with the mantra ‘You don’t move until you’ve eaten that last bit’ hanging over my young little head.

I hated cauliflower with a passion and the logic of eating it while it was warm cos it was at least a whole lot better than when it was cold, was never quite explained to me in ways that i assimilated.

Years later, i love cauliflower, and in particular, my mom’s cauliflower cheese [which is cauliflower with a white cheese sauce over it – so great!] and really can’t get enough of it when we go for lunch and she makes it.

Some things change.


I hated strawberries my whole life.

Until something dramatic happened one day.

I ate one, and discovered they are actually not all that bad.

For a time i would still defer to others when strawberries were around because i knew some people REALLY enjoyed them and i just thought they were okay.

But now i might knock you down if you try beat me to the last one. Especially if it is dipped in chocolate.

I have absolutely no idea why i thought i hated strawberries as a child and i was literally 18 or 21 o something when i discovered, never having tasted them before that i could remember, that they were actually okay and later became pretty amazingly good.


i hate raiSINs.

no, i mean really.

no, more than you.

i REALLY hate them with a passion. always have and always will.

i believe there is a reason the word SIN appears in the second half of the word…

i can trace back my vicious hatred [as opposed to just the standard hatred i had before] to a time when i was 5 and my mom made me eat something with raiSINs in, via a similiar cauliflower cheese plate-staring contest and the result was that i ended up vomiting and missing out on our annual visit to the local children’s home to watch the big screen movie [to this day i have still not watched Ben Hur] and so that is when it grew in me, but as far as i can remember, even before then i did not dig them at all.

my hatred of raiSINs and all things squishy fruit led me to write and record two anti-raiSIn/squishy fruit songs in fact, which you can track down if you are really desperate, over here.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

And then there is just the pure hypocrisy like the other day when we had dessert at my mom’s place and both my mom and my wife, tbV, looked on with unbelieving eyes as i helped myself to a large piece of Swiss Roll despite there being jam in the centre.  You know, squishy fruit. i hate jam too, but for some reason, in swiss rolls it is okay [must be some chemical transformation that takes place, or something]


Well, i AM working on self-publishing a book about church that will help explain a lot of this to greater depth, at least in the way that i see it.

But in the meantime, through posts like ‘Did you go to Church today?’ and this one, i hope to challenge the way many people think about church [or maybe more accurately, don’t think at all]

Leaders of churches seem to get particularly iffy when people start questioning church or encouraging others to question any aspects of church.

But i believe it is so incredibly important for us to be questioning why we do the things we do on a regular basis [and if we discover that there is no reason for doing something we do regularly, possibly taking the big risk of stopping it]

This is my conclusion for pastors and other leaders. If your thing [in this case, church] is a good thing, then surely at the end of questioning and challenging, people should naturally arrive back at what you have. If they don’t and you realise collectively that change needs to happen, then surely that is a great and important process.


In Acts 17.11, we read this incredible piece:

Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

And then ignore it completely forever.


i am convinced that one of the biggest problems in so many local congregations of the church today is that it is filled with people who don’t read or know their bibles outside of a sunday meeting hardly at all and so, because people do not know their bibles, whatever the pastor says up front has to be correct [because they have nothing to tell them otherwise]

a comparatively huge and related problem seems to be so many people in church leadership who seem to have a fear of people in their congregations asking questions [or, heaven forbid, expressing doubts] and so we cultivate a space where people are encouraged to ‘just believe because i said so’ and not be real [to suppress questions and to hide doubts] and always give the impression that everything is great.

i wrote this piece a while ago in response to that:

love Jesus… and grow a brain

because if Jesus told us to Love God with all our heart, strength, soul and MIND, it does seem like he might be wanting us to use our minds.


When we start looking at how we do church [particularly in the meetings we typically hold on Sundays but also in prayer meetings and home groups, prayer times and youth gatherings] perhaps we will have some cauliflower reactions: As a person growing up, i never saw the reason for this and didn’t particularly like it, but now that i am older i find that it is amazing and i know that is is really healthy for me.

[i have seen a lot of people, especially in Americaland heading from protestant churches back towards catholic and more high church liturgical gatherings, because they realise that in their pursuit of living out their passion for Jesus, they may have ignored or missed out on some incredible practices and rituals that make a lot more sense now]

If we start asking questions and sharing fears and taking what we see up front [and behind the scenes] and, like the Bereans, holding it up against Scripture, we might find like the strawberries that certain things we haven’t thought were worth doing, actually are. We might also have the opposite effect and realise that some of the stuff we have always liked [because it was always there and we always did it just because everyone else always did it and never took the time to ask why] needs to be thrown out, or given lesser preference to. i really believe that any church that gives itself the time and the energy to look at all its stuff and ask some why questions, can only benefit from the outcome.

We also might find, that like raiSINs, some other stuff we have always been against, is right to continue to be against. Just because others around us might be professing that raiSINs are good doesn’t mean they are.

This becomes an incredibly tricky task because there might be different things that fall into these different groups, yet seem to be similiar things which should be treated the same. So much wisdom and discernment and being led by the Holy Spirit is required to be able to move forward. To let some things go. To add some things in. To change some things around completely. To embrace some things we have always had more tightly.

But at the end of the day, it must always come down to Love.

Loving God and being known by the Love we have for those around us.

[If you feel like your church leadership might benefit from reading this message, why not forward them the link, or print it out and hand it to them. These are important things to consider.]

Well it’s like a joke or favourite movie really, right? How do you possibly pick just one?

i feel like i have so many that i really dig and so would maybe have to break it down into themes…

My all-time favourite Gary Larsen [of ‘The Far Side’ fame] is definitely this one with the unfortunate spider incident:


As you know by now, i’m a HUGE fan of Pearls before Swine by Stephan Pastis and have a whole gallery of his strips that i enjoy over here and it would be hard to have a favourite Pearls tha doesn’t include the Crocs, my favourite characters:



But, to be honest, among all the great ones there are, this is the one that jumps out at me when i think of a favourite Pearls:


Then there is a cartoon strip called Buttersafe that bounces between amazingly funny and completely random but it really does do misdirection well, which is one of my favourite forms of humour:

buttersafechessGarfield is a lot of really hit or miss but when it hits it is great and when it features this particular topic, then even better:



And then of course there is Calvin and Hobbes which was just pure greatness but my favourites tended to be his snow-related ones:

snowbowl snowfood snowsharkAnd so many more, because let’s face it, there have been some great comic strips…

But i want to know what your favourite is… currently my favourite strip is Pearls before Swine. Do you have a best ever? Or a current fave?

Stick an example or add a link in the comments section and let’s share the cartoon strip love…

Pearls before raiSINs

i think most people know my feelings about raiSINs [the face that the word ‘sin’ appears in the word ‘raiSIN’ is a clue!].

in fact i may have even blogged about it once or twice, such as over here, which includes links to the two raiSIN songs i wrote and recorded [yes, i wrote songs about my passion against raiSINs].

even my alter ego, Brad Fish, had something to say about them. two things in fact. which you can watch over here.

and so when it comes to raiSIN cartoons i typically would lean more towards my main man Garfield in feeling:

Garfield raisinsbut you will also know by now what a big fan i am of Pearls before Swine and so even thought i don’t endorse this message, i do have to appreciate it:

Pearls before RaiSINs

well played, Pastis, well played…

[for more of my favourite Pearls strips, click here]


RaiSINs, in any shape or form.

Cellphone screens emitting light in movie cinemas

Actually just cellphones in general being used in places of people being together and phones meant to be being kept away.

Litter. The guy sitting next to me at the but stop litter-ally throwing litter on the ground when the bin/trash can was litter-ally just round the corner of the bus stop.

These are a few of my unfavourite things.

But the POKE function on Facebook is up there [and I’m not sure I like the fact that #hashtags are now being stolen across to Facebook, they belong to the Twitter Mark!!!] – I have never understood it and it is a little bit creepy and a year or two ago I deleted all the POKEs i had [I am pretty sure I have never poked anyone, not even as a joke. Please tell me I’m not wrong on this memory] and they all came back somehow [now i am too scared to go and look]

It was time something did something, and who else but Pearls before Swine creator, Stephan Pastis, presumably with me in mind, when he created this gem [he has a similar diamond of rat beating someone up in the cinema for cellphone usage – it’s like he knows me!]

Pokes before SwineIf you agree with this cartoon, email Stephan at pearlscomic@gmail.com and politely suggest to him that he write a strip that introduces a new character called No_bob, a yellow-and-white stuffed dolphin who is not real and can’t speak. I think he will take that as you liking this strip in the best possible way.

If you disagree with this cartoon, email Stephan at pearlscomic@gmail.com and politely suggest to him that he write a strip that introduces a new character called No_bob, a yellow-and-white stuffed dolphin who is not real and can’t speak. I think he will take that as you disliking this strip in the best possible way. Try and make sure he gets that it is an underscore and a small ‘b’ because more people mess that up than you might think.

[For more brilliant Pearls before Swine, follow the trail of breadcrumbs starting here]

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