i am busy reading this poetry book which was a gift to me by a friend i have only met online and know through friends of friends but his gift of words and wielding them to weave and create and display and be creative is at the same time obvious and captivating here is a second one that really resonated with me [maybe cos i am all that kinds of crazy myself]:

[from the book, ‘Blame it on the huehueetenango: poetry for the recovering evangelical’ by Michael Toy]


there are several different levels of crazy
the “at most a little bit crazy” of thinking that someone,
or something, somewhat like a person
called god is actually out there

the “change the conversation before it goes wrong” crazy
of thinking that this something knows about us
and might even care

the “veering into dangerous territory” crazy
where conversations with this something occur,
two way conversations

the “cross the street to avoid” crazy where
when the something suggests actions,
that among the possible responses,
is simply following the suggestion

right now, i am one step away from
the really scary crazy
the “lock them up before they hurt someone” crazy,
where someone is all those kinds of crazy
but doesn’t think it is crazy at all.

[for another great poem by Michael Toy, titled ‘My First Last Day’, click here]