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Pearls before Weird Diets

Well, actually this is a two for one offer. The first one is another spot on Stepha Pastis moment of how many of us think of diets or our personal ‘trying to eat good’ plans:

Pearls before Diet

And the second one, you probably have to be a Pearls before Swine to fully appreciate, but if you are it is a classic look at just how plan bizarre Stephan can be [quite possibly when he has not had his morning coffee]

Pearls before Weird

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Once again, the punmeister Stephan Pastis of Pearls before Swine fame is giving it his best and poor innocent Pig is taking one in the head:



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Pearls before France

Ah, Stephan Pastis, king of the lame pun, actually nails it here in possibly one of his best pun-ishments ever [really. read the first sentence out loud!]


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