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none of the time.

i had this quick thort when we went shopping yesterday afternoon – as we were in the line about to pay we realised we were six eggs short of a full basket, or that we might need more than the six we were going to get, so tbV waited in line and i ran across Pick ‘n Pay to the egg section to grab some eggs – looked for the cheapest box of six and grabbed them and started to walk away when i realised i hadn’t grabbed the free range eggs [which we normally buy] and so i put my first box back and grabbed my second one…

box of normal be nasty to the chickens eggs – around R7

box of free range assume we’re being nicer to the chickens eggs – around R10

and as i walked back to Val i thort “we’re screwed”

if it ever gets out that i spent R10 on eggs when i could have spent R7 on eggs, the ‘give to the poor’ people will be on my case

on the other hand if i spend R7 on normal eggs instead of spending R10 on free range eggs, the ‘be nice to animals’ people will be on my case

so i took the eggs back and we decided to go without to keep everyone happy
[except for the bit about taking the eggs back]

but my point is that if you try to keep everyone happy, you actually just can’t – if you spend your life on poor people, the animal rights people will be after you and if you switch to animal rights then the HIV/AIDS people will be on your case and if you try juggle all of those then what about the children and if you look after the children then the old people and so on and so on…

the problem is not so much me choosing one thing over another but each person not doing their thing – we can’t all save all of the poor but if every person on the planet was trying to help one poor person i think we could even eliminate this thing – do the thing you’re called to do and if you don’t feel “called” to do anything then do the thing that’s on your doorstep until you feel a call…

you may have heard this before:

This old man is walking along the beach when he spots a little boy deeply focused on a strange task.

The tide has gone out, and there are hundreds of thousands of starfish up and down the beach that are now baking in the sun. The little boy bends down picks one up and throws it into the sea to safety.

After watching him for a while, the old man eventually can’t take it any longer and he approaches the kid.

“What are you doing” he asks.

“I’m saving these starfish,” the boy confidently replies.

The man gestures up the beach at the masses of starfish baking to death in the sun. “There are thousands of starfish there. What difference do you think you can make?”

And the little boy bends down and picks up a starfish and shows the old man and says to him, “I am making a difference to this one” before throwing it out into the sea. And then bends down to pick up another one. “I’m making a difference to this one.”

but take it one step further…


One little kid and thousands of starfish – absolutely no noticeable difference. He can save a starfish here and there but he is going to make virtually no impact and there are going to be a lot of dead and rotting starfish polluting the beach. But if everyone [starting with the church cos this is who we’ve been called to be] got down to the beach, where the need is, and started saving their one, their ten, their hundred… then there is a chance…

i read this t-shirt once that said “forget love, i want to fall in chocolate” – now while i disagree completely, because love is a pretty amazing thing, i do still like the idea of the possibility of one day falling into chocolate… mmmm cho-co-late [in best homer simpson impressioned voice]

but until that happens, i thort it was time to share my secrets with the world – i like chocolate on occasion… or occasions… and so thru my many years i have taken opportunities to experiment in the best mixes and manifestations of chocolate for the every man (and woman) [bear in mind that we are talking budget here so excluding lindt and other extreme chocolate expressions and just dealing with your average pick ‘n pay opportunities.

and this is what i have come up with – you are welcome to go out and buy said ingredients and try it and comment here or else let me know what your particular enlikenment is, but this works for me:

it used to be a slab of Top Deck and a packet of Smartie Eggs but now (or at least until i follow up the cadbury’s uses child labour rumours i heard last week and potentially have to give up that form of chocolate til they come right, which i intend to very shortly) that rich dark slab of bourneville mint has taken over as chief ingredient of choice [altho the brave would go for one part top deck to one part bourneville dark mint and enjoy the benefits of both]

break the slab into individual pieces – break each piece into another two pieces – stick in a microwaveable bowl for 30 seconds to a minute, opening and stirring regularly – then add the smartie eggs and back into the nucrowave for another 30 seconds to a minute – opening and stirring regularly – and continue the process until the chocolate has melted sufficiently [better to err on checking more often than not cos there is not much worse than burnt chocolate except possibly a scorpion stinging you in the bit between your toes]

then, armed with a friend [serves two] and a teaspoon each, retreat to Survivor or Amazing Race watching [well, that was the old days when i was in a house with a tv – these days it would be Friends, Scrubs, or possibly Chuck] and eat a teaspoonful and stop and make ‘MMMmmm…’ sounds and then another and so on

[what really makes it is that the chocolate in the Smartie Eggs melts and so you bite thru the crunchy shell and melted pleasure]

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