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Ah, this one is great. Pastis nails something you will know all too well about if you have a phone… the do i call back or wait for them to call back because…

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so last week my phone stopped connecting to the internet – not a train smash cos i don’t inet much on my phone but just a nuisance really

so i phoned the phone network (don’t want to mention names but rhymes with spurgeon and starts with a V… and is Virgin) and chatted to someone who referred me to someone in the technical department cos after all it was a technical issue

‘sent me’ settings which my phone never received so phoned back and said he would do it manually but i didn’t have access to another phone – tbV was out thesising – and so we tried – and missed a few times – to make a time when both phones would be available – still waiting for that call to return incidentally altho he did phone once while i was shopping and couldn’t do it

then yesterday i went trawling the phone shops of Stellenbosch – which doesn’t have a rhyming-with-spurgeon-v-starting shop and asked all the other brands for help – most of them couldn’t cos i wasn’t registered with them but two of them gave me advice which involved reformatting and saving information to pc and blah blah blah – no luck

this morning i had breakfast with my good buddy craig beech – he told me to turn my phone off and take out the battery and replace it and turn it on again – i have internet once more

take note working-with-phones-is-my-current-livelihood people – it was not rocket scientist – in driver’s ed it would amount to the “pick up car ke part of the lesson

thankx craig, sometimes it is good when life is a beech

marvin the marshoes

so it’s my birthday today – happy happy – and after a super special breakfast made by my wife – the beautiful Val – and delivered to me in bed – that involved jacobs coffee and chocolate-infested and smartie surrounded yoghurt and a wad of range-free bacon – yum – i finally got given the present my wife has been building up intrigue to the last week and wow what a gift – marvin the martian – my favourite loony toon cartoon character – decorated shoes – stunning – be jealous

what a wife, and along with a few phone calls and samesses and countless facebook messages an amazing start to the day…

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