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You know the saying:

The pessimist looks at the glass and says, “It is half empty.”

The optimist looks at the glass and says, “It is half full.”

Then there is the one where the realist adds his comment. “I think the glass is full of pee.”

i call myself ‘the eternal optimist’, especially when it comes to sport watching because i like to believe til the absolute last moment that my guy or team can pull it off, even at times when it is bordering on impossible.

and this cartoon from ‘Poorly Drawn Lines’ illustrates it beautifully:

Optimistic ant

with the original glass scenario, the situation has not changed, only the perspective regarding it. the optimist is choosing to focus on the positive of what the situation has presented and celebrate the existence of something. the pessimist is instead choosing to look at what is missing, and respond to the lack of a thing.

is one better than the other? personally, i don’t think the pessimist is very helpful, because he doesn’t often come up with a plan to change things. pessimism generally deflates, takes the air out of sales, slows down movement.

i do prefer the optimist [maybe cos i generally am one and think i’m pretty cool] but at the same time there can be the danger that the optimist on occasion has their heads in the cloud and their positivity can prevent them from realistically assessing the genuine possibilities in a situation andso ‘hoping for the best’ or ‘anticipating the miracle’ can replace doing the next thing that needs to be done.

so maybe the realist is the best person to have around [because no one wants to drink a glass of pee] but with strong elements of optimism to keep him hopeful, anticipationary and to help him expect the best of people, which is a strong trait of an optimist.

what about you? which of these three would you most closely identify yourself with? anyone have some positives to take from the pessimist?
and do you think it is possible to change from one to the other?

wow, so lots of men’s toilets feedback, seems like a lot of guys have put some serious thort into this one…

and from the feedback, it makes a lot of sense that washing your hands in the restroom may not actually be as clean as we would like it to be – the scenario being that once men have “touched their junk” as the popular phrase seems to be (because civilised people are not allowed to write “penis” oops!) the next thing they touch is the tap to turn it on (along with everyone else’s touched junk hands) and so you wash your hands and then turn off the tap thus inviting the junk-infested tap residue to leave the restroom with you… (my beautiful wife says she cleans the tap when washing her hands – ever think of that one dirty guys?)

they say you learn something new every day, i may have learnt at least two things yesterday…

so today i was shopping at century city. yes, 4 days before, call me a madman.

at some point i needed to go to the toilet and so i walked into one and waited for the sitting toilets (urinal’ing with four bags in your hand is a talent i am not quite yet proficient yet) and while i was waiting and old man came in and washed his hands and then dried them and then went and had a pee… double take… a bit later a younger guy came in and washed his hands and dried them and then went and had a pee… is it just me or is that a little strange? you’re about to touch penis… doesn’t the washing happen after? or did i miss a memo somewhere along the line?

ah well, as the song goes, if you have pee and you know it…

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