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continuing with Mark chapter 2 we read about how Jesus calls Levi to follow Him and then is part of a very much frowned-upon party gathering…

these are the thoughts i had on it…

to see the next passage looking at the letter of the law against the spirit of the law check this out

hey hey

so i entered this comp where the beautiful val and myself can win a trip of 18 countries in 6 months which would be an amazing in between time for after this season of life and preparation for what’s next and hopefully opportunity to write and let’s be honest a huge big party

at the moment i have 313 votes – it is a lottery so any random person with one vote can win against someone with a million but obviously the more you have the more chance you have of being that random so please continue to vote – one per day i think is allowed so maybe when you see this be reminded to point and click (or cut paste and click if this link refuses to work)

exits strategy

i don’t understand existers.

you know, people who exist. who go thru the motions. have a job, maybe have a family, have some kind of church life (or not) but that’s it. no huge hunger for more – meaning of life – changing the world – world domination (in my case, for Jesus) – adding to someone, or some community’s life or meaning.

it’s like they don’t even care. How do you not even care? is it even possible.

Live. Thrive. Dominate. Excel. Dream. Hunger. Dare. Vibe.

but exist? i really don’t get it.

and there are a LOT of them.

and once more it comes back to my faith and my belief and lifestyle cos Jesus said “I have come that you may have life and have it to the full.” – how can that not be attractive?

i understand christians have gotten it wrong (a lot) and churches have messed up (a lot) and there have been some shocking role models or anti-models and a LOT of bad has happened in the name of religion. but the heart and essence of it – the life i have chosen to follow – is life to the full – abundant life – love God, love people – reach out to those in need.

Please don’t exist. PLEASE! Flee from existing. Run from mediocre. From settling. From the rut. From survival.

Choose life. And live it to the full.

Full, or fool?

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