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If you, like me, are a bit sick and tired and heading towards overwhelmed by all the bad news stories we have to take in online [from mass killings in Nigeria to dead cartoonists to children in schools re-enacting dog fights to live cattle being attacked in a turned over truck] then we should do something about it.

There is so much to be done, and it can overwhelm, but ONE THING that can start the ball rolling in the right direction, is for us to get less sharey with the negative stuff and up our virality on the GOOD NEWS front.

In the shell of a really big nut, SHARE MORE OF THE GOOD NEWS STORIES.

It is not like they are not out there. It’s just that we tend to gravitate towards the bad, the negative, the sensational.

Who do you know who is doing good? Get them to guest post their story on your blog or Facebook wall or tweet a link to their blog on your Twitterer feed. Let’s put the good stuff front and center.

For example, i see a story on Facebook of a young entrepreneur, 23-year-old Veli Moses Mackenzie, in Johannesburg who is standing at the traffic lights asking for money [a typical thing in many of the cities in South Africa] except that his ask is a little different:


For R1 [less than ten American cents] i will teach you one word in my language [Zulu].

Dubbed the Jozi Traffic Light teacher, his story goes viral along with the hashtag #trafficlightteacher and the next day i read about him being awarded a bursary to follow his dream by studying audio technology.

The ask continued to the public as:

‘Moses is now in need of finding suitable accommodation, and Jacaranda has asked for any help regarding this matter. Moses currently lives under a bridge and sleeps in an old television box near his Empire road ‘office’.’ 

The more viral we can make GOOD NEWS, the more news outlets will see the value of reporting it and the more stories like this will start coming out. Also the less we feed on the bad news, the less the call for it and the more the media will shift to telling good news stories.

It is a supply and demand business – and what we demand, they will supply. The obstacle is obviously the fewness of people sharing the good stuff and so this does need to become a movement.

SHARE THIS BLOG POST for example. Write your own on a similar vein. And start passing on those stories of good.

One wonders if there would be any correlation to teenage school shootings, for example, if we gave them no media attention at all [anonymity instead of fame?]

And in fact, there are many people who are already doing this. Do you know of a group or site or place where we can easily find the GOOD NEWS stories? Please leave your links in the comments.

eg. http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org or @good on the Twitterer

Where else do we find the good news?


So it's been a little while since the Mark Driscoll thing happened... you know the one i mean, or you probably wouldn't be in here reading this...

But what has been up to? i have not really been thinking too much about him. I mean i hope him and his family are well and that he is getting the help he needs and all of that.

So not on my radar at all. That is, until this mail arrived:

Dearest Beloved in Christ,
Calvary Greeting in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Peace and love be with you; in the marvelous name of our lord Jesus. Hope my humble letter reaches you; may it fine you the best of good health and our Lord blessing

I am Pastor Mark Driscoll and i got your contact on my personal search when am searching for an honest person ,this mail request may seen strange but i crave you indulgence and pray you view it seriously as i am convinced that you would be capable to provide me solution to it i want to willed my money to you which the sum of [ Ten million Great British Pounds to you ,which is the only money left in my account right now.

This is all i have left in my account and have decided to willed it to you.I quite appreciate the fact that this few words of mine are going to meet you as a surprise because this is my first time writing to you. We are excited and energized in pursuit of the mission God has given us, to reach and save souls for Christ and positively impact lives and families in our immediate community and around the world.

At Greater Achievers Family we recognize that God’s Word provides answers to the issues and challenges facing families, married couples, singles, youth and young adults. Under the power of the Holy Spirit, we provide relevant teaching and preaching so that people will live a life of meaning, fulfillment and destiny. Through our 5 different ministries, there is a variety of opportunities for persons to make an impact on the lives of others.
Please reply me back to this email back Thanks you for your understanding.(markdriscoll1960@outlook.com)

Best regards
Pastor Mark Driscoll

Not. Even. Joking.

Best scam email ever. I mean unless of course it's not...

The clues were many:

[1] it arrived in my junk mail box

[2] he offered to pay me the ten million in Great British Pounds [everyone knows real men use dollars]

[3] the 'Dearest Beloved in Christ' [Mark hardly ever refers to me like that any more]

[4] Please reply me back to this email back. [Pure comedy gold right there]

So that was my chuckle for the day. Anyways, i got to get going. Just heard that John Piper is about to wire me $1,000,000,000,000. 
[Really classy of him to send it via Nigeria]

What is the weirdest/best/most creative junk mail you ever received?

This was my funnest reply i ever didn't send...

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