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This is no doubt [in. my. mind.] the greatest ad of all time… especially for a random Olympic event…

Anything that references the black knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail… and connects it with legendary pirate Jack Sparrow [“There should be a captain in there somewhere.”]…

alongside Neo from the Matrix, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader from Star Wars and Inigo Montoya from “You kill my father… prepare to die” The Princess Bride fame…

while tossing in Puss in Boots, Arnie, the Highlander and more…

I’m not sure it gets any better than this – hope the entire team that came up with this got a raise.

And knighted. [but not by the Black Knight cos he will bite you to death… okay, he’ll call it a tie!]

…maybe the only thing missing is Bruce Willis, so he should probably make a sword movie soon…


so my new ‘The Weekly Mash [and Peace!]‘ blog is still in its early days but it’s been encouraging to see new people subscribing almost daily – as it is still quite new though not a lot of people are visiting each of these posts and there have been some amazing things there, so if you are someone who reads stuff on Irresistibly Fish [my main blog] all the time, then i encourage you to at the very least pick one of the five days here below that sounds the most interesting and check it out cos there was some good stuff in the week that was:

Monday had two clips of people i find quite funny – Nina Conti and her audience participation ventriloquism act and The Boy with Tape on His Face

Tuesday continued my quest to find positive upbuilding news and this story of a college athlete willing to give up his career to save a life, caught my attention big time.

A look at how a heart-felt apology needs to go way beyond just saying the word, ‘Sorry’.

Thursday took a look at how Jesus felt about a man who more than likely was not going to buy into His message. And our response.

Friday is a post I hope everyone will take a look at – the question of what positive difference are you making to the world, really?

[For Last Saturday’s Round-up of posts which included a box full of balls and a stranger, the importance of not glorifying ‘Busy’ and the chance to Ship Your pants, click here]

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