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Since i have started speaking and writing more about issues of Race in South Africa i have had a fair amount of [mostly black] people telling me from time to time how brave i am. i don’t believe that is true. Continue reading

i don’t think we talk about Friendship enough.

in fact, i think too often, too many of us might take it for granted.

i don’t think i do. i am just so constantly made aware of how many incredible friends i have in and around my life – the term ‘best friend’ relates to at least 7 people i can think of straight away who are all ‘best friends’ in differing but equivalent ways.

and when i start listing quality friends, well i can just write a very long list without much thought at all.

those are the easy ones though – it is so easy to be friends with those people because what they bring to the party is immediately obvious and amazing and life-giving and so on. but then i read this comment about Eeyore the other day and it really struck me:


do i have any people like that in my life? do you?

and if not, is there someone who may be that person but we may not have invited them in to the group like Pooh and the gang above?

do our friends need to measure up to a certain level to earn the right and privilege of sticking around?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

a second thing when it comes to friendship is that as much as i LOVE to have fun and be silly and crazy and ridiculous with my friends [you know who you are!] i also very much like to think deeply and wrestle with faith and life and God and money and stuff and things. fortunately i have good mates that i can do both with. and for the most part find both of those things in a lot of my good friends which is great.

and in amongst a vomitarium of kitch and cheesy friendship quote posters on the Uncle Google, i managed to locate this gem, which i really like…


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

the third thing i have mentioned a bunch of times, because i believe in it so strongly and i feel like these three pictures combinedly capture the essence of it:






= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

What about you? What do you look for in a friend? In fact, if you think of your best friend, what is the one characteristic that stands out for you in terms of something you realy appreciate in them?

i would LOVE to hear some of those.


I enjoy words, but there are just some that stand tall above the rest.

And I’m not just talking simply about nice sounding words here like ‘eclectic’, ‘spelunking’ or ‘gratuitous’, but words  with meanings attached that as a concept are particularly attractive.

One word that has really grown on me in the hugest of ways over the last few years is the word as well as the concept of ‘Interdependence.’

What is particularly powerful about this word is that it emerged Phoenix-like out of the ashes of the very similiar sounding word ‘Independence’ which is a word we grew up being taught by society and the media was one of the foundations to a successful life.

Independence = It is all about me.

Interdependence = It is all about us. 

interdependence hands

The African concept of ‘Ubuntu’ comes to mind. The idea that a person is a person through other people. The interconnectedness of people.

The Biblical concepts of ‘kingdom of God’ and the church being the [collective] ‘body of Christ’ hold fast to this idea, when lived out as Jesus called us to.

Jesus’ call to honour and love someone else above yourself [with the idea that when community is functioning as it should, the other person will be doing the same and everyone will be lifted up [as they would if they were each chasing independence] but with the added injection of relationship.

i think i am a long way away from really understanding the extent of what this word interdependence means, but i am attracted to it and will continue to chase after it, hopefully alongside other people, because i imagine this is a word we will figure out well together.

And so there you have it – interdependence is another word i really like – i would LOVE to hear a word you really like…

interdep[To see another word i really like – Uber – click here]

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