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Another day, another person trying to trap Jesus and this time it is that well-known tricksy little Hobbit question of ‘Should we be paying taxes’ [making well sure that the people enforcing the tax payingness are standing within earshot] and Jesus responds with the tricksier, ‘Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s’ – sounds great, but what does it all mean? Well, join me as we read through Mark 12.13-17 and see if we can make any sense of it:

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well, i know i have your attention now, but really, if you read this story you may have that impression because he really gives this woman a bit of a hard time. but then if you know Jesus at all that doesn’t seem like Him, so what is the vibe?

take a look with me as i take a brief read through Mark chapter 7 verses 24-30

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i am not a big fan of tradition when it is solely taking place for tradition’s sake [even if the original meaning and intention might have been good but has been lost or watered down along the way] but there are some traditions which are rich and full of life [baptism, communion, a family that eats together etc] that are incredible.

Join me as I look at Mark 7.1-13:

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this passage is a semi well-known one where Jesus speaks about a prophet in their own town not being welcomed or recognised – i decided to take a look at the aspect of potential which i saw hidden in here…

Unlocking Potential

Join me as i look at Mark chapter 6 verse 1 to 5

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the kingdom of heaven is like...“the kingdom of heaven is like…” and so Jesus begins two more stories both mesmerising and confusing his audience, but definitely giving them something to think about… and these are some of the simple thoughts i had as i looked at these two brief parables found in the next section of Mark…

Take a look with me at Mark chapter 4 verse 26-34.

these parables of the kingdom help remind us to be filled with hope as this is God’s kingdom and He is going to be the one responsible for making it grow – we just need to be faithful and obedient to what He has called us to be involved with.

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In Mark 4 verse 1 to 20 Jesus tells the parable of the sower and the seed that confuses His disciples so much that He has to sit with them later and explain it a little more clearly to them – and even today it seems we have different ideas of what He was saying or what He could be meaning so i guess it makes sense to wrestle with it and see what makes sense and trust that the Holy Spirit will guide us in the understanding of it – here are some thoughts i had as i gave it another read…

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In Mark 3 verse 31 to 35 we see a very interesting dialogue take place as Jesus is informed that His family is waiting outside for Him…

what does this mean for us? check it out here.

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