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Jesus cranks things up a notch by talking about end times and the importance of being watchful in this passage from Mark 13.14-37.


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Finishing off my video blogs of the Gospel of Mark as i work through the last four chapters with thoughts and insights from each passage as I go:

All men will hate me? Mark 13.1-13

Be ready, be very ready Mark 13.14-37

Jesus, perfume and space for the interruption Mark 14.1-11

Having your enemies round for some pizza Mark 14.12-26

why DID Jesus keep them around? Mark 14.27-42

Jesus heads to the garden and gets arrested Mark 14.43-65

One of Jesus’ friends starts claiming that he doesn’t even know Him Mark 14.66-72

Jesus before Pilate Mark 15.1-15

Jesus death on the cross: a reflection Mark 15.16-32

The effect of Jesus’ death around Him Mark 15.33-47

How do you put a positive spin on the words, “All men will hate you because of Me”? Especially when they come from the mouth of Jesus [which makes them a little bit harder to ignore or explain away].

Perhaps that is why Mark 13.1-13 is not a particularly popular passage for those who don’t specifically preach continuously through the Bible? The rest of it is End of the World stuff which generally is good for an audience, so let’s take a look and see what this passage has to say to us:


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This is another moment when Jesus turns the expected on its head and shows His audience another aspect of the kingdom of God where the heart is more important than any kind of outward show or impression.

As we read Mark 12.35-44, we sneak a peek at offering time in the temple:

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Continuing my slow plodding walk through the book of Mark [which i would love for you to join me on, by the way – would love to hear different comments and responses to the passages i tackle than just my own so feel free to share yours below] i am now starting with chapter 12 and we have some very fun passages ahead, starting with this one which perhaps challenges our modern day attitudes of tolerance-for-all and everyone-makes-it…

Here i go with Mark 12.1-11

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Continuing on with the book  of  Mark this time looking at 11.27-33 and some lessons we can learn from watching how Jesus responded to questions aimed to trap Him, especially in the age of social network arguments where people try to have ‘deep theological arguments’ on Twitter or dive into attacks on Facebook walls and so on… and also the idea of how us living the life well will do so much in terms of speaking into the lives of those around us. Take a listen:

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Jesus loses it.

Or at least that might be what you suspect if you arrived late at this party. Yet the Bible is very clear that ‘In your anger, do not sin.’ [Ephesians 4.26]

We know that Jesus never sinned, and so this passage found in Mark 11. 12-17 would suggest that there is a time when something like righteous anger – when God’s things and the people He loves are being messed around with – is absolutely called for. The danger/temptation for us would be labelling something as ‘righteous anger’ when in fact it might just be us losing our cool. Let’s take a look and see how this episode plays out:

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