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Last night a small group of us gathered at a friend’s house for a bit of a farewell celebration.

Our buddy JT Burns was leaving the state of California and heading home for new adventures and possibilities.

So there we were, a small group of us huddled around an outside fire pit, drinking beer and eating chips and marshmallows and just enjoying our friend Jon.

Then at one point, Nate suggested we share some fun and meaningful Jon stories and so we took turns to remember Jon out loud – how we’d met, where a good connection had been, what he meant to us. Out mutual appreciation of Doctor Who. And so on.

My friend Darin was at that gathering and he is so great at pressing pause on an event and asking a good question or creating a space for meaningful sharing and dialogue.

My wife, tbV, is really good at that as well.

And i think i have been learning from both of them over the last few years and a getting better.

A large part of it for me comes from this idea of really making life count, which i wrote about a few days ago… How do we seize a moment that might otherwise be fairly ordinary or even good, and elevate it to greatness.

How do we create spaces to say the things we want to say to people before they leave or die?

Are we intentional about creating moments of true celebration or meaning within our gatherings?

i know that’s something Val and i have been trying to do with our Conversation Dinners and even simple practices like the phone basket and we have been seeing some significant encounters as a result.

What are some of the practices you engage in or have experienced that help make a moment or a gathering significant for those who are there?  What is something you have thought about but not yet been brave enough to try?

wordz[To read more about our last Conversation Dinner & responses from the people who were there, click here]

And with that we have finally come to the end of the book of Mark.

If you missed any of the previous 50 plus episodes, they can all be found and viewed over here – for those of you who have been walking through this book [at a very leisurely pace i might add] thank you for hanging out with me and for any thoughts and ideas you might have shared along the way.

This final piece sees Jesus revealing Himself to a number of followers after His death and a whole lot of disbelief amongst themselves as to whether or not it was Him:

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And s we witness the death of Jesus… which has a profound effect on the world around Him… not only on the Roman centurion who was stationed nearby… but even on the physical aspects of the temple as the curtain is ripped from top to bottom.

Join me as i look at Mark 15 from verse 33 to 47 and share some thoughts on these things:



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Jesus stands before Pontius Pilate and doesn’t seem to be particularly interested in defending his case [we could learn a LOT there, right?] and perhaps gives us a glimpse of the idea that following Him may often entail swimming against the current we find ourselves in.

Join me as I continue on with Mark 15 from verse 1 to 15:



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Wow. Boom. Things just got real people.

Having just witnessed Simon Peter’s ‘Life or Death’ declaration of absolute faithfulness to Jesus at the Last Supper, we now have this follow up story where Peter is denying Jesus left, right and centre… until suddenly, the piercing sound of a rooster is heard…

Join me as i work through Mark 14.66-72:



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Continuing our journey with Mark as we head towards the end of Jesus’ life as He heads for the garden where He will be arrested and then later tried.

i take some time to look at what He does or maybe more importantly what He doesn’t do – what He says and what He doesn’t say, to see where we can learn how we can and should respond in similiar flavoured circumstances:.

Join me as we take a look at Mark 14 from 43 to 65:



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This story might be a whole lot more profound than we normally pay attention to.

Jesus having a last meal with His disciples who He has grown to know and really love after three years of spending time with them. But during the meal He indicates to them that one of them is going to betray Him. So to put it another way He points out the fact that He has an enemy sitting at the table. And then continues to sit and eat and love and share the most intimate of celebrations with [until the enemy can’t take it any more and is the one to leave]

Probably not a story where we will be in too much of a hurry to ask what Jesus would do and then apply to our situation.

Do you have an enemy? Someone you can’t stand or someone who really can’t stand you? When last did you have them over and break pizza with them?

Join me as i read through Mark 14 from verse 12 to 26 to see what Jesus was up to:



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