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creating the space...

the journey through the book of Mark continues and this next passage is a little longer but contains two powerful stories and i am just going to pull one or two points out of them. they illustrate one of the most powerful lessons tbV and i learnt from our time with the Simple Way – namely that of making space for the interruption.

join me as i look at Mark chapter 5 vs 21 to 43


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Demon possessed man

What i chose to focus on in this story that we have heard a lot of different preaching on, is the aspect of Jesus working out of the box in a sense and challenging the way things work and also a closer look at the response of people to God pitching up in a very clear way which both amazes and terrifies.

Mark chapter 5 verse 1 to 20.

The question we are left with is how open to God moving in an unusual way are we?

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