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Jesus loses it.

Or at least that might be what you suspect if you arrived late at this party. Yet the Bible is very clear that ‘In your anger, do not sin.’ [Ephesians 4.26]

We know that Jesus never sinned, and so this passage found in Mark 11. 12-17 would suggest that there is a time when something like righteous anger – when God’s things and the people He loves are being messed around with – is absolutely called for. The danger/temptation for us would be labelling something as ‘righteous anger’ when in fact it might just be us losing our cool. Let’s take a look and see how this episode plays out:

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Once again Jesus does not stick with convention as He illustrates the kingdom through a metaphor that would have seemed pretty crazy to all those looking on.

Join us as we take a look at Mark 11 from 1-11 and witness the Creator of the Universe and King of this World riding into town on a lowly colt…

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