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my beautiful wife val just wrote this blog and it’s been stuff that is on my mind and heart a lot these last few years and she pretty much nails it:

check out her blog titled “on immoral wealth”

the beautiful val told me of a testimony that was shared the other night at the lausanne congress where the girl sharing it quickly left the stage after speaking and disappeared behind the curtain but the crowd of 4000 plus people stood and applauded and cheered and continued for ten minutes and so they brought her back on to stage while people continued to respond to her powerful testimony – i was hoping to be able to watch the video footage to share in the testimony but i think for safety reasons it was not recorded but i came upon my friend michael oh’s account of it – what excited me was that a ten minute standing ovation occured not for some big name speaker (that people across cape town have been buying tickets to hear speak – various big names at different places outside of the congress) but that it was for the powerful work of God in and thru this girl’s life – God is the only one worth that much attention…

you can read a summarised version of her story here

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