so part of an article explaining south african english cricketer kevin pietersen’s recent twit-ter explosion after being dropped from the national side goes like this:

‘Kevin Pietersen has apologised for the outburst which followed his omission from England’s limited-overs squads for the series against Pakistan.

The 30-year-old batsman announced he had been dropped via Twitter, with his angry tweet including an expletive.

“It came out in the way that I didn’t want it to come out,” said Pietersen.

“It wasn’t meant for the public domain, I apologise for it entering the public domain and I also want to apologise for the language I used.”‘


firstly, kevin, YOU TYPED IT… or did you? “it came out in the way that i didn’t want it to come out?” – were you dictating your twitter message to your tweeting secretary and somehow she heard you wrong or paraphrased your own words…? was the original quote “i’m not in the team, darn it”?

secondly, “wasn’t meant for the public domain”? well duh, kevin, that’s what twit-ter is – it’s a message that you (or your renegade paraphrasing tweeting secretary) type that GOES OUT INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN… that’s what it is.

thirdly, there in NO…. third thing.