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Today’s Mark passage is a little bit different to what we are used to and i would encourage you to wait until you have decent reflection time before watching it – don’t rush through this one – rather make a time to simply reflect and listen and feel and respond.

Join me as i look at Mark 15 from verse 16 to 32:



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DAY 32

The Bible mentions seven things that Jesus says while hanging on the cross. I found this online site that looks at each statement [calling each one a ‘word’] and thought it would be a great resource for us as we head towards Easter.

Task: Meditate and reflect on ‘The fourth word of Jesus.’

The fourth word is based on Jesus’ words in Mark 15:33-34.

‘My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?’

Spend some time of reflection on the elements of this 6 page powerpoint presentation as we reflect together on the second word Jesus spoke on the cross.


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