This story might be a whole lot more profound than we normally pay attention to.

Jesus having a last meal with His disciples who He has grown to know and really love after three years of spending time with them. But during the meal He indicates to them that one of them is going to betray Him. So to put it another way He points out the fact that He has an enemy sitting at the table. And then continues to sit and eat and love and share the most intimate of celebrations with [until the enemy can’t take it any more and is the one to leave]

Probably not a story where we will be in too much of a hurry to ask what Jesus would do and then apply to our situation.

Do you have an enemy? Someone you can’t stand or someone who really can’t stand you? When last did you have them over and break pizza with them?

Join me as i read through Mark 14 from verse 12 to 26 to see what Jesus was up to:



[For the next passage looking at Jesus continuing to use His loser disciples, click here]