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The difference between child-ish and child-like is immense. One deals with never having really grown up and matured and the other deals with holding on to qualities that make being a child to incredible – things like trust and innocence and honesty and genuine belief and excitement and a whole lot more.

Let’s take a look at Jesus’ words on the topic of the importance of meeting Him with some kind of childlikeness to be able to fully appreciate and experience the kingdom of God in the way that it was intended:


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childrenAs we continue to wander with Jesus through the book of Mark He comes across some children and relates to them in a way that would have been quite unfamiliar and possibly quite scandalous to the adults of His time…

There is so much to be learnt simply from observing how Jesus behaved around people – how He spoke to them and how He spent time with them, and it is good to reflect that back to our own lives and ask if we are doing the same…

Let’s head to Mark:

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