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so it’s been a bit of a long while since i have watched japanese games shows and i figured there have to be some new ones around – for those of you who may have missed out on human tetris, binocular soccer/football and being-hit-in-the-nuts tongue twisters you can catch up on those over here and then on to here…

so i did a little searching and i did find some new ones [to me anyways] and they have not gotten any less bizarre and one of them even seems like a sequal to nuts, so when you get some time and bandwidth check out the latest Japanese game shows to vibe before my eyes such as:

giant shoe-kicking contest thing has to be seen to be believed

crazy dodge ball slash chair slash american football slash running lady…

oh wow this is like silent library but with a wall… most bizarre

and an ohmygosh classic add-the-dance-move sequal to tongue twister hit-in-the-nuts

japanese game show recap

so if you have never seen japanese game shows you have missed out big time – i had a bunch of bandwidth to use up before the month ends and so i thort i’d try seek out some new ones [next post] but for those of you who have missed out, here is a recap of some of my favourite japanese game show moments:

human tetris

the marshmallow eating game

playing soccer wearing binoculars

not to be tried at home but tug of war with pantyhose over head

and then of course the best (or worst) – tongue twisters with a consequence

had some extra bandwidth and the month is about to end so thort i’d scan you tube for some japanese game shows i haven’t seen before…

Crazy marathon

crazy all stars slippery slip n slide race

the don’t laugh game linked to the counting in English game

okay not so sure if this is funny or disturbing and not for the faint of stomach perhaps but a friendly game of pass the animal (crab, lizard, tortoise) anyone?

and then a bonus clip of a really cool prank if you have a set of identical twins hanging around…

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