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A story of a woman who pours expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet to the obstination of those around Him and yet Jesus responds by calling the act beautiful and saying that what she did will be retold as long as the story of the gospel is being told [like now! it’s like He knew!] and also a little p.s. though on the idea of creating space for interruption which seems to be something Jesus did with regulartity.

So join me as i take a look at Mark 14 from verse 1 to 11



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creating the space...

the journey through the book of Mark continues and this next passage is a little longer but contains two powerful stories and i am just going to pull one or two points out of them. they illustrate one of the most powerful lessons tbV and i learnt from our time with the Simple Way – namely that of making space for the interruption.

join me as i look at Mark chapter 5 vs 21 to 43


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