so yesterday i was listening to 5fm and one of the useless stand in dj’s was having a pretty random half-hearted brainless discussion about the trafficking and prostitution for the world cup that is happening and going to be happening in SA… and then they opened the lines for phone calls and apparently only let stupid people call in who were mostly guys finishing off with “i’ll sign up for that job” followed by stupid look-how-clever-i-am-for-repeating-what-the-last-three-morons-just-said-on-the-radio laugh.

but then this absolute plonk phoned in and said something along the lines of  “why doesn’t the government subsidise the prostitutes and then get people who feel the urge to rape and let them sleep with them?”

wow wow wow, i could not believe they let this guy have air time – solution for prostitution and rapists in one go and the guy thinks he is being brilliant when he actually is just being quite possibly one of the most offensive stupid moronic [insert harsher words i don’t feel i should blog] idiots on the planet – absolutely no clue! like REALLY? did he process that ‘thort’ one little bit before spewing it out?

the prerequisite for freedom of speech should be having a functioning brain – that guy should never be allowed to speak live on radio again and i’m not too sure that permanent duct-taping of him might be a save the planet or the sanity of the planet kind of move.

REALLY pissed me off a lot.