This sign I discovered in an international hotel in Malaysia – upon closer detection I was able to ascertain that the one fruit was banned because of its absolute stench and the other because it has hardcore staining capacity. I am not too clear as to what the punishment is if you are caught with either of these:

Thou Shalt Not Eat

This one was in the same country but this time on a train – a very difficult one to police I’d imagine but you have the right to remain saliva-free or something like that [and don’t speak back to these cops, cos they do not appreciate the tongue-in-cheek approach either]:

Kiss not, lest ye be detained...

We decided to reinterpret this one on our wedding day after the most kiss-filled ceremony most people had witnessed [who waits til the permission part, seriously?] just to ensure people got the message that this would be continuing for a while [at least until we took a trip in Malaysia by train]:

brett FISH anderson and tbV

But a theme titled ‘the sign says’ would not be complete without this beauty from the office wall of the non-profit building I work in, begging the question, what happened and how many times did it happen to necessitate the needfulness of this particular sign’s block 1:

Do not be full of floor pooping here

That’s right people. Black and white people must shake hands in this place, but more importantly, don’t poop on the floor. Any more. Thank you.

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