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and that ‘c’ stands for ‘creativity’ – moving beyond spending a bunch of money you can’t afford on a bunch of stuff no-one needs [and often doesn’t even want] because of some kind of misplaced notion that it is ‘showing love’ when there are people you know, or live near, or try to ignore, who are likely to be having a very miserable holiday time and your act of creativity in the form of generosity or genuine love could make a world of difference…

so be challenged and if you have a creative idea to share here please do, because so far i have two from my friends bev and pete and that’s it – share stories with me [brettfish@hotmail.com] of what you’ve done in the past or are plotting to do:

Bev and Pete Brodrick: “As briefly mentioned, our family has developed some alternate traditions for this time of year.

We love the fact that there is just so much more opportunity to give in December. The list is endless and everyone seems to be more generous over this time. Wahoo.

Our family has 2 major events. Both events we will try to invite people that we may not see as often and open up our table for those who may have no where to go.

End of Year family celebration:

A family gathering, lunch or dinner, with a theme, decorations, set table and party ra-ra stuff.

In preparation for this event we think back over the year and remember all those that we appreciate. We send cards and give gifts in thanks and in love. Whether that is a close friend or a grocery store staff member who has helped carry groceries to the car, more times than we can count.

On the day, our family will spend time affirming one another and reading out the things that we appreciate about each other and we give each other an appreciation gift. We then celebrate with a family feast and treats!

[to be continued…]

step away from the mud. holiday with me.

“We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased.” – C.S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory

hey hey

so i entered this comp where the beautiful val and myself can win a trip of 18 countries in 6 months which would be an amazing in between time for after this season of life and preparation for what’s next and hopefully opportunity to write and let’s be honest a huge big party

at the moment i have 313 votes – it is a lottery so any random person with one vote can win against someone with a million but obviously the more you have the more chance you have of being that random so please continue to vote – one per day i think is allowed so maybe when you see this be reminded to point and click (or cut paste and click if this link refuses to work)

i want out!

so there is a competition happening called get rid of me and i have entered and would really dig it if you could click the link and vote (no login or details needed, just a simple click)


i think you can vote every day so please feel absolutely free to keep going back and voting – the prize is a 6 month for 2 holiday basically in 18 different countries – you keep a video and written travel blog for them and obviously ‘take people along’ for the journey – would be a great opportunity to finish writing my book (inspired by remote and exotic locations oh yes) and just to connect with the beautiful lady val before our next adventure or life season which we are waiting on God for once this year is done…

thank you in advance… now get rid of me!

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