the combined talents of the beautiful Val (aka tbV) and Michael-John (aka Muscle-John, agent of the stars) and brett FISH anderson (owner of the world’s most famous stuffed dolphin, No_bob, who still doesn’t!) bring you the new word that is about to sweep the world… are you ready… for…


“Astonishing” [time magazine]

“Mouth-wateringly cathartic” [the daily post]

“if it was a tangible thing, i’d have one under every chair” [oprah]

that’s right – your friend made that brilliant pun, good call on that epic sports move, hey that cute girl totally just smiled at you – that’s high-fiveable!

be the first one on your block to own the bragging rights of introducing what is bound to become common popular every day speak into your vocabulary – find an opportunity to whip out “That’s high-fiveable!” today

go ahead – that’s the challenge – find a place to use it, then stand back and smile (not a gloat or a smirk, mind you, an appreciative smile!) as you see the amazement and respect spreading across the faces of family, friends and colleagues and let’s not forget, the boss.

and then head back here and report on how it went

now that IS high-fiveable… a-a-a-a-and break.