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so i got a little silly today and i can’t even remember why – someone’s #firstworldproblems hashtag triggered a Will Smith response version… which then became a ‘being spun in a huge circle by someone really strong’ version and of course a ‘surfing in the ocean when the first wave arrives’ one…

8 attempts later and i had a bit of a list… what world problems did you experience today?

After Earth, Wild Wild West, Men in Black II –

Dizziness, shortness of breath, slight nausea…

Overcrowding in the water, not quite being in the right place at the right time, first time surfing nerves…

Someone has had to die for us to get here, expensive lawyer’s fees, not getting that antique click you were hoping for…

Throat parched, hurts a little when i swallow, could really use a glass of ice cold water right about now.  [my mom responded to this one on the book of faces, giving me sore throat remedies]

Anger management, fading band glory days, attempts at a movie career.

Coffin too bulky to fit in easily, coffin slides around when taking corners too quick, everyone stares all the time.

What if you pick on someone who is in a relationship, if she makes you feel really stupid for trying, bad breath.

People throwing buckets of red paint at you, animal activist groups taking you on, dead animal guilt.


Which of these was your favourite? Do you have one to add to the list? Add yours below!

i don’t have anything to write today, but that’s not going to stop me writing it

i don’t have anything to say, but that’s not going to stop me from saying it

i don’t have an opinion of my own, so let me just regurgitate what everyone else is saying

the thoughts i think are far too controversial to think out loud, so let me write something that will generate mass appeal

i am not involved in any social justice personally, so it is imperative i regularly fill out my status with the latest trend

let me forward this video clip to show you what i think you should be getting more involved in

let me comment on this article i haven’t completely read through because something in the title and opening paragraph caught my eye

and now let me express my strong opinion on this person who will never read this statement as my way of holding them accountable

[and argue and make personal statements about you who might think differently]

and let me keep up with the latest trending hashtag [you know, so i can stay relevant]

i don’t even have enough words to finish this post

i don’t have anything to write today, but

so i started a hashtag today which i think could go viral if you all played along… the hashtag is #waystomakeatrexsad which if you can’t read it says, ‘Ways to Make a T-Rex sad’ and plays off the idea that a T-Rex has short arms and so might struggle with certain activities. tell your friends. add me as @brettfisha if you haven’t yet and lets get depressing that beast.

I can't reach...

some examples so far would be:

Inquire about the size of the fish he caught on his weekend away with the boys.

Give him a voucher to a climbing wall club.

Tell him he has a bit of a milk moustache.

Go in for the high five.

What you got? Come and post your favourite ones here…

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