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Kenya joinsSouth Africa

This week saw South Africa link arms with Kenya as we jointly hosted @AFrikkinHashtag with the tag #MoreHonestProductSlogans which really gave space for people to get creative. Continue reading

We all know what milk is, what a hot dog tastes like and that you never dip fish fingers into custard. [Well unless you’re THAT guy!]

But what if you were a creature from another planet and had just arrived on earth. Would it seem weird that people were drinking the stuff that came out of the dangly bits of a cow? Continue reading

Last week, Chris from Australia @Taliesyne, joined me for my A Frikkin Hashtag Twitterer game with the Jerry Maguire inspired tagline, #YouHadMeAt:

4 Nov with tag with Chris A Frikkin Hashtag

At one point Chris’ house was being flooded by a violent storm raging outside and he comes on and is apologising for not being on the game and i’m like, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW, GO SAVE YOUR HOUSE!” He did and returned to the game later when i couldn’t be around and it was a great Tag Team affair. Continue reading

How to Catch a Python


So by now most of you are familiar with the Hashtag Game i host to provide a bit of light relief and silliment [it’s a word!] in between trying to educate white people on privilege, figure out how to be an ally to my friends of colour and see and become significant transformation in the lives of the poor and more.

Last week 43 941 tweets were produced with the #YouHadMeAt game we played [although Tom Cruise and Rene Zellwegger were surprisingly absent] and this week we are hoping to go one better. Continue reading


Two weeks ago @KeshaTedder [aka Binks] and i challenged Hashtag gamers to come up with their best suggestions for the Tag #AndThenTheWorldEnded and there were some great suggestions worth checking out.

Last week it was @TheatreAfrica co-hosting with me as we looked at #MyLastBucketListItemIs which saw 306 people come up with 1289 tweets with an audience of 727, 406 people… We were quite guy heavy as a stat of  78.1% of those playing tells you. Hopefully we will do better this week. Best way to play is to download the @HashtagRoundup app and play from there. Continue reading


So it’s official. South Africa has joined the International Community of Hashtagging games with the first official tag game which took place yesterday which was #ArtAMovieOrTv.  Every Wednesday at 12 lunchtime our time on – Come and Play.

And it was a LOT of fun. Thank you to everyone who pitched up and got stuck in. Continue reading

Wanna play a game?


It’s official. Today at 12 lunchtime South African time, @afrikkinhashtag launches the first official on the @HashtagRoundup app South African game with a bid to get South Africans in on this game phenomenon that has been sweeping the world.

As i explain in more detail in my post ‘Is it at a bird? Is it at a plane? NO! It’s @AFrikkinHashtag’ the basic premise involves someone presenting a tag for the game, eg #DifferentEndingsToHorrorMovies was one that happened yesterday and my best tweet was ‘They get a bigger boat’ with reference to the “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” catchline in Jaws.

So coming up with a punchline in 140 characters or less [minus the ones used invthe synopsis].

In Americaland the games often becoming Trending Topics on the Twitterer for a couple of hours and it gives people a fun respite from all the negativity one often finds on the net.

i came up with the @afrikkinhashtag [say it out loud] handle and ran my first game last week and it did really well – #CountryAFood had over 1500 tweets and was seen by over a million and a half people.

i think today’s will do even better.

i have been invited to Host a Game on the @HashtagRoundup app and it will be dropping at 12 lunchtime South African time and it would be great to have some South Africans jumping on board and spreading the love.

The Game tag will be revealed at 12 and then you are invited to get creative on your own as well as favouriting and RTing all the ones you think are well done. The main push will be between 12 and 2 and so if you can jump on every now and then and play the game and show some love that would be amazing.

Picture of South African Flag

Time to get this flag on the Hashtagging map. See you at 12…

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