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And one more short yet profound look at what my best friend Rob Lloyd had to say when I asked him about what makes a strong marriage stronger?

“If you love them in the little ways, you’ll love them in the big ones too. Don’t ever stop working at it – who wants a marriage that is just “fine”?”

Rob Lloyd [married for six years]

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i find loving my wife very easy. and i’m not just talking about the flutter flutter feeling “ooh i luv my wife” but love in action

i would like to imagine everyone loves their wife as well as i do but i’m sure a lot of people don’t. and i’m not talking from an arrogant point of “ooh look at me, look at how well i love my wife” but just a day to day thing of being intentional, and it’s really so easy… [and i imagine there are some people who love their wives better than i do and i am hungry to learn]

sending her an sms i know is going to make her smile (possibly about some dodgily fun comment from a movie we watched together) or just reminding her text’ily that i love her

doing something small for her when she comes home. I know Val loves candles so having the lights out and some candles burning. so simple, takes thirty seconds, and yet has such a huge impact – and if really on top of it, running a bath or having a glass of wine ready or a cup of coffee to greet her as she arrives

making coffee for her in bed every morning, or most mornings. i honestly find this one ridiculously easy and not a chore at all. i just love the fact that i get to love her into the morning so easily and simply

i try to tell her a lot. and often. i know she knows. but i want her to hear, and feel, and experience, and know some more

i think intentionality is the key. really. It’s a choice to love someone far more than it ever is a feeling. when the feeling is there and pumping and fluttering then it’s maybe easier. but often the action welcomes or invites or remembers the feeling

may this not be a first year of marriage thing. may i still be sending tbV naughty sms’s when we’re both 60 (and making sure i send them to the right phone when my mind and eyesight starts to go)

married guys, love your wives. better!

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