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So i saw a tweet on the Twitterer inviting me to share an ad for solar powered stuff on my blog which all seemed a little commercial for my tastes. However, having taken a look at the items that Sustainable.co.za is offering to students to help them both counter load-shedding and start taking responsibility for their own carbonite footprints, i thought it was worth doing. i am not making any money by doing this, but these items look really great and i’m not sure if you have to proveyour studenthood to be able to buy them, but i would hope not, cos i imagine all of us would be tempted with at least one of them:

There’s only one thing worse than being left in the dark, and that’s being left in the dark while on deadline. Luckily, Sustainable.co.za is now able to help keep students test ready and switched on, even when nothing else is. With a range of smaller, personal load-shedding solutions (for under R150), these products perform reliably in every circumstance, so students can too.


Further proof that dynamite comes in small packages, this Pop-up Lantern produces an impressive amount of light when considering its modest size. Fitting in the palm of your hand while compressed and functioning as an LED torch, it pops open to cast light in 360 degrees. The lantern features three different settings (light, dim and strobe), and boasts 20 000 hours of brilliant LED globe life. A magnetic feature helps you store it easily by sticking it to your fridge or somewhere else accessible.


The strikingly simplistic design of the popular Chochin light is inspired by the Chochin Japanese lanterns traditionally lit at Japanese festivals. Created with the objective of providing a sense of warmth, light and peace, this novel light source lends an air of sophistication to any space. It provides users with solar powered warm white light, and features a handle which can be used for carrying or for hanging in a chosen location.


A little light that takes solar seriously, the EverLight reminds us that often it’s slow and steady that wins the race. This portable solar light can shine for up to 90 hours from just one single charge, and features a life span of up to 1500 charges. The EverLight takes only 12 hours to charge fully when placed in direct sunlight. Its water resistant body, S hanging hook and integrated handle work together to create a gadget that’s just as versatile as it is impressive.


Ideal for those caught by power cuts in the middle of meal preparation, or simply those who want save on electricity, the Small HotBag Eco Cooker is able to cook food by means of trapped heat. After food has reached boiling point, via traditional cooking methods, cooking is able to continue inside the HotBag. While reducing stove time by two thirds, the bag is also able to fold up, act as a cooler bag, keep plates warm and cook food while on the go.

  • Pop Up Lantern: (R108.00)
  • Chochin Solar Lights (R140.00)
  • EverLight Solar Lights (R100.00)
  • Small Hot Bag Eco Cooker (R179.00)

Sustainable.co.za is South Africa’s oldest online eco store. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Sustainable.co.za aims to decrease the globe’s carbon footprint by helping consumers improve their environmental impact while sparing their budget.


What do you think? Would you try one of these? And if so, which one looks like the better deal?

deep significance to me and my identity lies within the green, and without.

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finished reading Ted Dekker new book ‘burn’ last nite that he wrote with some woman lady – dude, don’t do that again. Took me so long to get into it because nothing was happening – well there was a plot and some money and a fire and a whole colony of dead gypsy’s except the three who escaped that the story revolves around, but just not in the must-turn-the-page thriller mode Dekker normally works into his books – i was bored a lot of the time and just waiting for it to get good, still waiting Ted.

in its favour it did suddenly get a bit weird towards the end but the whole ‘twist’ if you want to call it that was very forced and absolutely ridiculous (as opposed to most of his other thrillers where it is possible stuff) and just not very satisfying

Burn scores a boring ‘piece-o-crap’

for great Ted Dekker check out ‘Three’ and the Circle Series (altho maybe pretend Green never happened cos that also felt a bit like desparation from someone not knowing how to end things) and Blink and then House which he wrote with Frank Peretti.

so last year sometime the beautiful Valerie and myself decided to take a day out of the week and make it meat-free – and so we chose a Thursday for reasons i can’t remember

[no that doesn’t mean on Thursdays we run down the streets giving away packs of bacon to people altho i can’t see how they wouldn’t appreciate it – the people i mean, not the bacons]

and we encouraged people in our community (our church congregation enGAGE and my weekly thort for the week community) to consider doing likewise

and then after talking about it for a long time we decided to start some recycling as well (and by that i don’t mean we would go out on our bikes somewhere and then repeat the route – oh wait, we don’t have bikes, who were those people?) and so we put some crates outside our place and now have space for glass and tins and cardboard and plastic

then after a while – and big piles of stuff outside our window – we actually discovered where we can take that stuff and so we started actually recycling [altho we are still needing to figure out what to do with the cardboard cos the BP does not have a bin for that] and last nite we told the guy who stays in the flat next to us and he has already started putting his empty bottles with out

and we wrote an email to the complex we stay in and they sounded positive and said they would bring it up at the next meeting and so hopefully it will become an official part of where we stay

my point is that as easy as it is to bury your head in the sand and pretend the situation is so overwhelming (which it seems to be at times) that why bother doing anything… or you can start somewhere – one couple not eating meat and doing a bit of recycling is not going to change the world, but one couple and their next door neighbour man? well who knows?

what are you doing for your planet? and the next generation?

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