well i guess officially you could say it was late afternoon or early evening, definitely not nite per say

but yes, in a complete thrashing of western province cricket club (‘hockey team’ i should add otherwise it might look like an unfair match-up, oh wait it clearly was) 8 goals to 2, i scored the last (and i like to think, defining) goal of the match.

and it was great.

i think it was the first goal my mom has seen me score. the beautiful val was there too but she missed the actual moment of me scoring altho saw the buildup and the ball going in and people congratulating me and so she believes it was me… ha ha.. but my mom and dad come and watch a lot of my matches and historically i have been a half and so whenever i’ve ‘scored’ it’s been a bad thing, but recently i have been playing left wing a lot and scored a bunch of goals during summer league (the not so serious league) and so it was great to have a pretty decent goal in season with my mom – and dad and lovely wife who is beautiful – watching

later we lanned starcraft (not me and my mom though, that would be regan, garth, claude, flippy and carl marx – well not THE carl marx but we had to tell the security guard of the complex the name of the person we were visiting and i couldn’t remember but Carl marx seemed to work – turns out his name is charl so not too off the mark – in fact i had to leave to go fetch something at home and when we came back we signed in to visit charl marx)

true story.