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Inject a little fun

i love being serious.

i love engaging with difficult topics and even difficult people sometimes in the hope that we can find some mutual understanding and maybe even each learn something from each other.

but sometimes, i also think we need to CALM THE FLIP DOWN PEOPLE and just be able to take a moment to sigh or smile or eye-roll or laugh or even write LOL even though we didn’t actually LOL but just kind semi-chuckled half out loud.

and so in the interests of that:

first word



And nothing like some Gary Larsen ‘The Far Side’ to bring some truth in jest:


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Well it’s like a joke or favourite movie really, right? How do you possibly pick just one?

i feel like i have so many that i really dig and so would maybe have to break it down into themes…

My all-time favourite Gary Larsen [of ‘The Far Side’ fame] is definitely this one with the unfortunate spider incident:


As you know by now, i’m a HUGE fan of Pearls before Swine by Stephan Pastis and have a whole gallery of his strips that i enjoy over here and it would be hard to have a favourite Pearls tha doesn’t include the Crocs, my favourite characters:



But, to be honest, among all the great ones there are, this is the one that jumps out at me when i think of a favourite Pearls:


Then there is a cartoon strip called Buttersafe that bounces between amazingly funny and completely random but it really does do misdirection well, which is one of my favourite forms of humour:

buttersafechessGarfield is a lot of really hit or miss but when it hits it is great and when it features this particular topic, then even better:



And then of course there is Calvin and Hobbes which was just pure greatness but my favourites tended to be his snow-related ones:

snowbowl snowfood snowsharkAnd so many more, because let’s face it, there have been some great comic strips…

But i want to know what your favourite is… currently my favourite strip is Pearls before Swine. Do you have a best ever? Or a current fave?

Stick an example or add a link in the comments section and let’s share the cartoon strip love…

so i read this article in the restaurant this morning while waiting for my buddy to arrive.

firstly it was set in miami

secondly the premise of it is completely hilarious slash disturbing as in this line: ‘burglars snorted remains of a man and two dogs in the mistaken belief that they had stolen illegal drugs’

thirdly, that’s not the best part

fourthly it goes on ‘once they realised their error the suspects discussed returning the remaining ashes, but threw them in a lake instead because they thought their fingerprints were on the containers’

and the clincher for me was this: ‘police divers were tring to recover the ashes’

like really? the way the article (Cape Times newspaper, 21 Jan for reference) is written – they were going to return the ashes then threw them (the ashes) into a lake and now police divers are trying to retrieve them. with what? underwater goggle microscopes and a pair of tweezers? in hindsight i guess what would make more sense is if the divers are swimming in the lake looking for the urn, but without that realisation the whole thing seems a lot more gary larsen or jack handey and qualifies for shtupidt people 101 – heeeeere’s your sign…

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