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i used to receive me daily Pearls before Swine deliver to my mailbox, but recently this stopped happening for some reason… so now when i remember i dive into the site and do a little catching up [although this also bodes well for me when i order my next Pearls Before Swine annual because there will be ones i have not seen] and these two floated to the top when i did:


Sometimes Stephan works so hard:

Pearls before Stones

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Pearls before Seuss

In honour of legendary South African comedienne and fellow improviser, Anne speak-like-Seuss Hirsch, another great Pearls before Swine strip:



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found this one via my younger sister Dawn and her husband Glen and it makes me smile a lot…

based on the premise of ‘What if animals ate fast food?’ this is so good you’ll want to share it with your mates:

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