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the punchline is just the perfect collection of words put together…


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Famous stuffed dolphin No_bob encounters famous Petronas towers

a few years ago i attended a youth conference in Malaysia and so naturally i took the world’s most famous stuffed dolphin, No_bob [I was going to call him ‘Bob’ but he doesn’t bob] with me… this picture in front of the Petronas towers signifies the tourist experience for me – feeling very very small in front of something that is very very big – new language and culture and people, experiences and food all loom big against the smallness of who i have become while visiting and the fame of my most famous thing [No_bob] is as nothing to the enormity of my situation…

this was all reinforced by the absurdity [to me] of this ‘Forbidden Fruit’ sign we saw in the entrance of the hotel we were staying at – the one apparently banned due to its incredibly overwhelming stench and the other because of the stain the juice of it leaves behind which is near impossible to remove…

and lastly, this sign we saw on a train amused me no end… clearly everyone had heard of the recent kissing epidemic in Kuala Lumpur where people would just randomly lock lips with strangers for hours on end and this train’s manager had a strict “Not on my watch!” policy, although we never could quite understand the penalty for breaking this particular taboo… [the writing accompanying the signs being all in Bahasa Malay was a bit of a tongue twister for me]

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