Another photo challenge and this idea i really like – the thing that is not the thing – or the question of focus – is the thing in the foreground of the picture ‘the thing’ or are we meant to be keeping an eye on what is in the background? is it “both…and?”

So many options and so i had to use three different pics which i feel increase in terms of degree or extent of background focus as you journey through so first up it’s this pic – taken at an epic Brett Anderson pool party where the plant takes centre stage but you are invited into the chilled relaxation vibes happening in the background.

grass human

Fast forward a couple of moments at the party and we take a step closer and see that once again we have a plant [or the hint of a plant] in front of us, but we can almost eavesdrop onto the conversation and laughter happening in the background. Same party but a sense of the intimacy and investment of the relationships we are facing.

grass smile

And lastly there is this picture where we have now come completely face to face with the action and now the plant regains its ‘rightful place’ at the centre of the pic with the wall of water behind acting as a barrier of protection against these humans who will invade its space. Our story has come full circle.

water guy

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