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…so take off all your clothes. I am getting so hot, I want to take my clothes off. 

No, mom, don’t worry, it’s just a song!

…and one of the most hilarious parts of my weekend…



Friday 6.30pm: Borrow my housemates car to go hit field hockey practice at the Bladium and i turn the radio on as i drive down the road and it’s some irritating talking and so i flip to the next station and it’s an advert and so i flip to the next station and the sound of Nelly’s “Hot in herre” [yes, grandma police, attack!] starts playing…

typical to me i only know about two lines of the song and it is a very catchy tune [having googled the lyrics i definitely don’t endorse the song now] so i pumped it up and sang at the top of my lungs [you know, my two lines] until the song was finished…


so the song finishes and the next song comes on and it is the well-known song ‘Hot in Herre’ by Nelly… and i’m like huh… but the music is pumping and i am singing the chorus and it is happy-facing me all the way to hockey…

song ends and the next song that comes on is… you guessed it, ‘Hot in Herre’ by Nelly… and so now i am just laughing and singing and pumping music…

and suspecting that somewhere along the line, i hit the button for cd, because what station plays the same song three times in a row, right?

and then started secretly questioning the music-tastes of my housemates [secretly cheering them on, of course]


so after the 4th playing of ‘Hot in Herre’ by Nelly, some Spanish guy came on [found out later it was a Spanish station] and spoke some Spanish and so i decided that it must have been a radio station playing a really long four track mix of ‘Hot in Herre’ [yes, by Nelly!] and so there must have been some nuanced differences between the tracks that i just didn’t pick up. How funny.

and so wondered what they would play next… [how do you follow a four track mix of ‘Hot in Herre’ by Nelly?]


the answer to that little quandary is, of course, with the song, ‘Hot in Herre’ by… yes, still Nelly.

and so i knew something must be up. someone had left the cd on loop and they have not discovered it yet. classic egg-on-your-face [well Nelly in your turntable] moment there…


hockey practice was great although not many of us so worked up a bit of a crazy sweat and had a drink with the team afterwards and then was heading off to games night at Bruce’s and so on the way there i decided some tunes would be good and we all know where this is going…

…a little place i like to call Hotinherreville which is bordering on Nellywood…

That’s right – ‘Hot in Herre’ by Nelly still playing… huge laugh and singing and pumping tunes and one more time four hours later when i left Bruce’s to drive home to the very same tune…

someone is SO fired!


So that was the story of my evening’s radio bombardment of ‘Hot in Herre’ by Nelly. The very next day we left for Yosemite with our housemates who had been given a Christmas present for four of the opportunity to stay in a Yurt [look it up!] just outside the park, and since Yosemite was the one place on my bucket list of ‘things to see before i leave Americaland’, we were all super stoked.

We had set out for a while and were playing tunes off Aaron’s phone when i suddenly remembered the night before and told everyone the story and was not sure they completely believed me, cos it did sound a little far-fetched. the one part of the story that helped though was when they decided to tune into Bay Area Radio Station 105.7 to check it out and were greeted by an old friend of mine, who i like to call Nelly, and his popular song, ‘Hot in Herre’, by him.

That’s right – ‘Hot in Herre’ [Nelly] had just hit 12 hours of radioplay…

THE TREACLE [like a different sequel, but stickier]

We lost radio signal about an hour or so before Yosemite and so didn’t really think about it much [besides continually having it stuck in our heads and singing it to get it stuck in everyone else’s heads the whole weekend] until the way home where we waited until we had signal and turned to the channel and some other Spanish radio stuff was going on. We realised pretty quickly that it was a different station using the same bandwidth at a different distance from San Francisco, and sure enough, when we were an hour away from home and switched it on again, there was Nelly, still commentating on the heat quotient of the particular environment he was currently in and suggesting rapid clothes loss as a viable solution.

So we did what all people in similiar four-days-of-the-same-song-playing-on-the-radio situations do and turned to Uncle Google for answers and sue enough, he had them all. Apparently the Spanish station that Sarah was used to listening to was rebranding as the English station ‘Hot 105.7’ and figured this was the best way to go viral and let everyone know about it [which worked, especially if you happen to be a guy called Nelly and collect any kind of royalties when your song is played for four-and-counting days straight.

Mystery solved.

i have been left pondering why the new station couldn’t have been called Ice Ice 105.7 though, cos that would have been a MUCH more successful singalong session…

[p.s. it was by Nelly!] 

Anyone else have any radio experiences even marginally like this ever?

real hockey

on Friday i got to play a pick-up [social] game of field hockey at a club in Berkeley that a friend of mine from the internetweb [Thankx, Tamela!] told me about. and it was a most excellent time.

with my team in SA, there were some players who wouldn’t pass to me all that often because they didn’t think i was so good. because of this, it upped the pressure the few times someone did pass to me [messing up twice from eight attempts looks a lot less bad than messing up twice from two] which would often cause me to mess up [largely brought about by the fear of messing up] and so it was a spiralling cycle.


back to friday’s game where no-one knew me and so they didn’t know how crap i was supposed to be and so this weird thing happened – people started passing to me – and because they passed to me my confidence grew and so i played well – and got passed to more. in fact i would say it was the best i have played hockey in years and the most fun – scored a few goals and even ran some dribbles round some of their players… the highlight must have been when the one guy on the field asked if i could play for his match team and, not realising that he from a different team from the guy i’d been mailing i said “Sure!” and the guy from the email team called out, “Hey, no we’ve got him already!” and then basically started a bidding war on the field for my hockey services. that was classic.

the point being that it was a whole lot of fun, but more than that just being able to see the difference it can make to someone when you believe in them and take a chance on them. my whole game was lifted simply by the fact that people passed to me and so i played better and so people passed to me more. even my energy and fitness levels were affected as i was more encouraged to be right there in the action and choosing to run and push more than normal.

good lesson for those of us who are part of teams of different types to look out for people to encourage and maybe affect their performance in similar ways? anyone else got a story of being on the receiving end of this kind of encouragement and affirmation and the effect it had on you?

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