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kevin “tweet-her”-son

so part of an article explaining south african english cricketer kevin pietersen’s recent twit-ter explosion after being dropped from the national side goes like this:

‘Kevin Pietersen has apologised for the outburst which followed his omission from England’s limited-overs squads for the series against Pakistan.

The 30-year-old batsman announced he had been dropped via Twitter, with his angry tweet including an expletive.

“It came out in the way that I didn’t want it to come out,” said Pietersen.

“It wasn’t meant for the public domain, I apologise for it entering the public domain and I also want to apologise for the language I used.”‘


firstly, kevin, YOU TYPED IT… or did you? “it came out in the way that i didn’t want it to come out?” – were you dictating your twitter message to your tweeting secretary and somehow she heard you wrong or paraphrased your own words…? was the original quote “i’m not in the team, darn it”?

secondly, “wasn’t meant for the public domain”? well duh, kevin, that’s what twit-ter is – it’s a message that you (or your renegade paraphrasing tweeting secretary) type that GOES OUT INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN… that’s what it is.

thirdly, there in NO…. third thing.

2010 world cup standings

the world cup rankings have been released by FIFA and we came 20th out of 32 – not bad for a team that wouldn’t have even qualified for the event if we were not hosting it – hopefully inspire us on to greater things – note the previous world champs down in 26th – go bafana!

Fifa 2010 World Cup standings:

1 Spain, 2 Netherlands, 3 Germany, 4 Uruguay, 5 Argentina, 6 Brazil, 7 Ghana, 8 Paraguay

9 Japan, 10 Chile, 11 Portugal, 12 United States, 13 England, 14 Mexico, 15 South Korea, 16 Slovakia

17 Ivory Coast, 18 Slovenia, 19 Switzerland, 20 South Africa, 21 Australia, 22 New Zealand, 23 Serbia, 24 Denmark

25 Greece, 26 Italy, 27 Nigeria, 28 Algeria, 29 France, 30 Honduras, 31 Cameroon, 32 North Korea


so the other knight i had a way too intense discussion with a friend of mine on whether things like the Henry hand ball goal, the Maradona ‘hand of God’ goal, nicking behind and not walking in cricket etc etc are cheating or just incidents of luck and it’s up to the ref to spot them and if not then ah well…

and then the England Germany game happened and apart from me backing Germany and predicting a 4-1 scoreline before the game happened (yes yes completely lucky guess but got Argentina 3-1 over Mexico as well – if only i could convert that talent to my F1 dream league…) there was that controversial blatant should-have-been-a-goal and what makes it worse (for me) is that the goalkeeper seems to have admitted that he knew it was a goal and that he deliberately tried – and succeeded – to fool the ref


deliberately trying to fool the ref into missing what was a blatant goal – to me that’s cheating, no question. and yes i think this is a little different from some of the incidents mentioned above like the cricket one where i get that it goes either way and so you get a lot of bad calls so why not take a lucky one when it happens (but still think that someone who nicks and walks like Jonty or Gilchrist or Amla has bucketloads more character than someone who doesn’t) so the question is did he cheat (and why the heck would he admit to it after the game anyways?) or was it just a lucky incident down to his quick reflexes and does it matter either way?

i do think Germany played better soccer and deserved to win…

BUT if the goal had been allowed and the score had been 2-2 the momentum would have been with England and it could really have changed the game around completely and we will never know that ever and so can only surmise which is a good word. and surely as a player (actually i doubt this for a lot of them) you want to win the world cup (or any sporting event) knowing you were the better team, not cos the other team was full of injuries or because you got some lucky but incorrect calls…

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