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Pearls before Accountability

You know the drill by know, favourite cartoonist Stephan Pastis and his creation Pearls before Swine – great cartoon strip, often quite funny, but sometimes just the right amount of dark:


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As we’ve already seen recently, the importance of communicating the message you are trying to get across can be as important as the message itself. If people don’t receive the message that you were trying to send to them, it doesn’t really matter how amazing that message was in the first place, As important as ‘Guarding your heart’ may seem, you just sent a bunch of confused people wrestling with the idea of ‘God, you’re hot?’ being something they need to consider more…

Leave it to cartoonist maestro, Stephan Pastis, to find an easy and effective way to communicate this importance of communication thing:


# What message are you wanting to say?

# What message are people hearing you say?

Two great questions to keep as your constant companions if you are someone who communicates to any great extent…

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