so the other day Julius Malema in a speech at the University of Johannesburg sings a song with the lyrics ‘kill the boers (farmer), they are rapists’

the next day an ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu (interviewed in his jail cell after being arrested for drunk driving) says the lyrics of the song has been quoted out of context – if you don’t look at the song in its entirety, then you lose the meaning (cos there is a way of making ‘kill the boers, they are rapists’ sound like a compliment somehow?)

and now the latest story is that actually Julius Malema was not singing that song he was singing another song

but too late cos you already defended the song he was singing – surely that should have been your first claim – so basically what you are saying is ‘the song Julius Malema emphatically did not sing was quoted out of context – had he sung that song which he did not, it would have been important for you to listen to the whole song in context otherwise you will not understand what he never sang’

the biggest problem for them is that a journalist at the rally has a taping of Julius Malema singing the song he didn’t sing with the context that wasn’t understood

can’t wait for tomorrow’s report…

still waiting for a show called ‘the Malema Dilemma’… anyone?