so this past weekend and a bit myself and tbV were hanging at the house of dreadlock mike who got married to nancy the twin on saturday in an incredible ceremony and all and we had the most amazing time chilling at his folks house with richard and anita and little matt who is not so little

in fact, matt is one of the biggest little guys i have ever met – kind of like a non-famous boy version of dakota fanning – just been raised so incredibly well and such an amazing young dude – and it was an absolute blast hanging with him and having fun – i think he is 8 years old and he plays a mean piano – i taught him a duet while we stayed there (teaching him the second part just last nite) and on the way to his dad driving us to the airport we get a phone call and matt and his mom (who he taught since us leaving the house that morning) played us the duet over the phone which was on speaker – a priceless moment indeed

in fact sat nite when the wedding reception was winding down i grabbed matt outside who had refused to come and be cool and dance with me earlier and carried him inside and did one man two man tango with him across the dance floor and then swung him round in the air and we got much applause and crowd appreciation from those still around – lesser mortals would have been well embarrassed i think but matt just vibed

so cheers little guy, thankx for letting us move to your room (not sure how much choice was involved but you didn’t come and shave our heads while we were sleeping) when our room was causing killer hayfever vibes and for hanging and pianoing and car-racing and just being a complete vibe – you are going to grow up to be a huge (in heart, spirit and achievement) guy just like your big dreadlocked brother who i really dig…