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so a very small bunch of us take part in these dream league teams from time to time but it would be rad if for the world cup we had a bit of a bigger league – the game is free and what’s on offer between us is bragging rights and so if you would like to play send me your email address (brettfish@hotmail.com) and i will send you an invite once we’ve set up the league – game is free and being involved brings even the random games to importance… in other news i am quietly confident about this being our world cup…

Cricket World Cup Fantasy League
Round 1 starts on Saturday 19 February. Enter your team now at www.udt.co.za/worldcup

New challenges for Fantasy Managers
This year we bring you some exciting new enhancements to the game that will challenge your fantasy skills even further:

Substitutes Bench – use your bench to strengthen your starting team (key decision is who to start as players on the bench score half the points of starting players).

Tighter Budget – choose wisely how you spend your budget as you won’t be able to afford all the top players and need to balance your team.

King of Leagues – this is where our top performing league groups battle it out to see who’s got the most skilled group of fantasy managers.

my friend bruce collins recently held a 50 word short story competition which i entered and i have made it to the final five with some really stiff competition – here is the blog and head on over to http://baristabruce.wordpress.com/2010/11/01/five-50-word-finalists to vote for your favourite…

‘Many years ago, there was a 50 word short story challenge somewhere on the interwebs. I fell in love with the concept of telling a story briefly and precisely. Hence, I thought it would be fun to put out such a challenge to all my fellow writers out there to write short stories of exactly 50 words. No more. No less. As with any great story, a good climax and awesome twist make 50 word stories particularly enjoyable.

Thank you to everyone who entered. I recieved a total of 12 entries. The five finalists will follow. Please vote for your favourite(s) by commenting on this post with the number(s) of the story(ies) you think deserve to win. Voting will close on Thursday 4 November 2010.

1. Caged by Jean
Help. Some one’s got me. He took me. Broke me. Nothings left. Tattered. In ruins. Like the clothes that once lay on my back. All that’s left is a piece of who I used to be. They’ll never touch that. Desperate. Alone. Why can’t you care enough to say hello?

2. Romance Resurrection by Shae
A gentle face lost in the crowds. Only the words shaped by his voice, to set him apart. A symbol. His hands always outstretched: giving, healing, helping, holding. Until… A kiss. A questioning. A beating. A cross. A cry. A death. A piercing. A tomb. Now alive.

3. Mr Wrinklybottom by Brett
Mr Wrinklybottom had feared cats his whole life. Incomprehensible paranioa had seized him and inexplicably never let up. Even now, running through the tunnel he glanced backwards to ensure he wasn’t being followed. Suddenly he stood facing a mirror. It was then Mr Wrinklybottom realised that he was a mouse.

4. Untitled by Simon
He woke to pain, upside down, vinyl biting his collar. Crimson water flooded his mangled world. Feeling it’s source, his blood ran cold.His vision swam; the car sank. A time to put things right, to make amends. One last prayer; ‘God, I may have left it a little late…’

5. A Rose by Anne
The crusty unyielding loam beneath my crumpled, dead shriveled exterior oppressed me.

“ Dead-life,” I murmured.

Clutching a desperate urge for survival, I thrust out a tender fragile cry. Water unexpectedly drenched forgotten ground. The urge to live bundled out misshapen. Grace rose. Light shone down. I smiled.’

so last i looked we were juuuuust below the 500 mark in the 18 countries 6 months competition and would really dig it if you could vote again cos the more votes the more chances of hitting that lovely random pic

much appreciate for anyone who has been and does – one vote every twenty four hour period i believe:

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